Markus, 2 1/2

Markus, at 2 1/2 years, you:

  • Are a funny jokester. We laugh at your jokes constantly. So far you’ve only made a few attempts at lame preschool humor; we hope you never go that route and just stay hilarious.
  • Like to sing. You make up songs, sometimes funny ones, sometimes ones about what you are doing and sometimes random ones about objects.
  • Like lullabies. Particularly one that I used to sing to you when you were a baby. You request it almost every night and a lot of naptimes, too.
  • Are a picky eater. You went through a short phase where you would eat most vegetables and even declare that you liked them, but now you don’t eat most of them without a fuss. Oatmeal, on the other hand, you can still consume like no one I’ve ever seen.
  • Need Mama. And you tell me and Daddy that regularly. “I NEED you, Mama.” It’s cute now, but even if I might like it when you’re 12, your friends won’t. 😉
  • Have three special “guys”: Biggie (a lovey bear you got from Grandma when you were born), Pup (a smaller version of Anja’s Coco that we bought you at IKEA), and Warthog (a stuffed elephant you “bought” with your pacifiers at Target when you turned 2).
  • Got a new bike. It’s your 3rd birthday gift from us, but we wanted you to be able to use it this summer, so you got it for your half birthday.
  • Are adventurous. You have very little thought about harming yourself. You jump off things with abandon, wade into the lake until your face is lapped at by water, and do all sorts of “tricks” (“Look at me, Mama! Look at me, Daddy!”).
  • Apparently have small enough fingers that they can get squished in the door crack without ill effect. Found that out last week.
  • Like to jump off of things and stamp on bugs and stab things with sticks and swords and fight bad guys. You enjoy trucks, cars, trains, machinery, and anything that makes mechanical noise. In essence, you are All Boy.
  • Love books. Some favorites right now are: Owl Moon, The Big Brown Bear, and anything you picked up from the library.
  • Still have the softest skin and squishy little legs and tummy. Love. Them.
  • Have started to tell fibs about your sister hurting you. You’ll fall over near her and then blame her for doing it. (We have to catch you doing it, because she does hurt you a lot, so we don’t always know who to believe.) Daddy says this scenario seems familiar…
  • Are full of bright, happy smiles. You have such a little chipmunk face when it’s serious, but your chubby-cheek smile really lights up a room.
  • Look up to some of your older friends and love to coo at babies. Your cousin Jaylee has already got a special place in your heart.
  • Still identify any man with long-ish hair and a beard as “Jesus!”  And you’re not afraid to shout it out in public. I waffle between cute and mortifying on this one. 🙂

We are so glad you’re our boy, Boofy. It’s hard to believe you’re already older than Anja was when you were born! We pray that you will grow into a godly little man.

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062812 markus 002

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