Minnesota State Fair Food 2012

It’s been a few years since I’ve posted my reviews of the MN State Fair Food, so here was our experience from TODAY!

On the ride home I had each family member tell me their favorites from the day. If you know us at all, it is no surprise that Husband’s are mostly savory and mine are mostly sweet. 🙂

Husband’s Top 5:
1. Pork Chop on a stick
2. Honey lemonade
3. Vegie Fries
4. Moe & Joe’s Banana Sandwich
5. Fried Green Tomatoes

Heidi’s Top 5:
1. French Meadow Bakery Scone with strawberries and cream
2. Moe & Joe’s Banana Sandwich
3. Blue Moon Sweet Corn Ice Cream
4. Wild Rice Specialties Burger
5. Chocolate PB Cup Fudge Puppy

Anja’s Top 5:
1. Mini-donuts
2. Cheese curds (she called them cheese bundles)
3. Chocolate PB Cup Fudge Puppy
4. Strawberry malt at the Dairy Building
5. Moe & Joe’s Banana Sandwich

Markus’s Top 5:
1. 1919 Root Beer
2. Strawberry malt at the Dairy Building
3. Roasted Corn on the Cob
4. Pronto Pup
5. Honey Lemonade

The kids went on some rides with friends on the Kidway, and their favorites were the Ferris Wheel and the Super Slide.

Other highlights:

  • Running into people we know. I know it’s MN, so it’s likely, but when there are over 100,000 people ANYWHERE it’s unlikely that you’re going to find a friend, right?
  • Husband saw Gene Simmons. I asked him why he didn’t snap a picture, and he said “because he’s not really a celebrity.” ??
  • State Fair Bingo. We got two Bingos, almost three. A couple of my favorite things on our card were “someone using an electric cart who clearly doesn’t need to be” (which we did spot) and “man wearing overalls with no shirt” (which we didn’t spot).
  • The miniature rooms and quilts in the Creative Activities Building.
  • Getting to vote on the art we liked best in the Fine Arts Building. We peruse every single piece of art every year, but this is the first time we recall getting a ballot. Nice touch!

Things we missed that we’d like to do next time (mostly because they were on a schedule and we would always find ourselves at the opposite side of the fair when they were supposed to be going on):

  • Flippenout performance
  • The lumberjack show
  • Meeting Curious George
  • San Felipe Tacos Carnitas Asian Fusion Taco (it’s been on our list for 2 years but yet to be tasted)

3 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Food 2012

  1. Sounds like a great day! Ya know, we probably rubbed shoulders and didn’t know it! We got there later than I was hoping (but it was our second day at the fair), otherwise I would have totally met you guys at the Kidway! I put Miles on the Giant Slide, the Carousel, and Skyride (I always want to call it the Skyway – ha!). He didn’t love the first two but probably would have if I had tried again. (While passing by the second day he started to get out of his stroller chanting, “Ride? Ride?” Which is a far cry from his bawling the previous visit!)

    I normally run into several people I know but this time only those I was planning on meeting up with. As for celebrity, I did snap a photo of Mark Dayton on a radio show.

    You guys like to venture off the food path! I mainly stuck with the staples but here’s my list, many of them shared over the two days: Pronto Pup, cheese curds (I forgot how salty!), chocolate malt (fail! Did not taste like malt at all and for $5?!), 4 glasses of 1/2 chocolate/white milk (perfect for the sippy cup), two watermelon Hawaiian Shaved Ices (I just love them), Elephant Ear, walleye on a stick (had to), wild rice burger (yum! new favorite and I wanna make them when I get home!), Dole Whip twist, cotton candy, and a homemade cashew Nut Roll (heavenly – but rich!). Although, I wish I had gotten the peanut because of it’s more significant crunch.

  2. ps We did go to the French Meadow Bakery to eat our wild rice burger! And did you know they had 10s of thousands of dollars stolen from there that same day?!

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