Anja, 5 Years

So five, to me, is kind of the pinnacle of toddlerhood, when some of your ill-pronounced words (which I love) and completely non-self-conscious behaviors (like jumping up and down flapping your arms in excitement no matter the appropriateness) will disappear. I am dreading that. Since you start Kindergarten in two days, I have been drinking up every minute I have left with you at home…we’ve knocked almost everything off our “Summer Fun 2012” list. We’re going to miss having you with us during playdates and errands and zoo trips. But I’m so thrilled that you will learn and make new friends and develop more and more into the girl God wants you to be. So…

Anja, at five years old, you:

  • Still have a penchant for story-telling. You can take two inanimate objects, such as a salt and pepper shaker set or two travel shampoo bottles or a couple of Q-tips, and weave a 30-minute long adventure story. I hope this creativity sticks with you through formal education. Don’t lose it!!
  • Say that your favorite food is macaroni and cheese (we had it after swimming lessons each week last spring as a treat…bad mom!), but you will eat most anything. Sometimes with a fuss, but you finish it. You’ve even gotten over your aversion to plain avocados.
  • Have become much more responsible and helpful. Sometimes the politeness that emanates from your mouth makes me blink a few times and have a moment of realization that all my repetitive “please” and “thank you” and “sure, Mama” reminders over the past 3 years have NOT been unheard. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! It truly is a blessing to see the fruits of one’s labors borne in your child. I do not take it for granted.
  • Are getting better at involving your brother in your playtimes. As long as he’s content to play whatever role you put him in, that is. When he does voice an opinion you are getting better at listening to it as well. I love seeing you mature in your dealings with him. Though you did bite him last week.
  • Call yourself an “artist.” I am not sure where the line is when I should stop letting you tell people that because it will come across as pompous. I think you’re still safe for now.
  • Are getting your own room soon. Again, these transitions are bittersweet. I love having you two share, but since you can’t fall asleep together in the same room, I’m ready to have the “transfer from my bed once you are both asleep” part done with. And it has been SO fun being able to finally decorate a girls’ room.
  • Love taking pictures. I’m not sure if it’s because of me or your own thing, but you actually asked me the other night if you could be sure to get a picture of your new room before you sleep in it the first time so you remember what it looks like. Adorable.
  • Are riding your bike very well. We have gone for lots of bike rides this summer, and though you still have training wheels, I think by sometime next summer you’ll be ready to have them off. Sometimes it takes you a while to gain confidence in yourself, and you give up easily, but once you have the skills, you’re pretty bold and fearless. So unlike me, and I love it.
  • Are unaware of what people think of you. I love love love that about you. You don’t really care if your friend has a Barbie and you have a soft doll whose tummy rattles. You proudly introduce your doll and don’t even notice the look of slight disgust on their face. I am hoping you don’t get jaded by your classmates this year…Kindergarten will be far less of the safe little bubble that preschool was. *gulp*
  • Are becoming more protective of your brother and other little friends around you. If he heads toward the street or is touching something he shouldn’t, you often try to drag him away or tackle him to get him to stop. Not the best methodology, but your motivation is pure.
  • Miss some of your friends from preschool. There was one little boy you played with almost every day you were there, and you have asked many times over the summer to play with him or invite him to our house. I didn’t even meet his parents, so I have had to say no dozens of times. Breaks my heart, but I’m sure there will be a new “best friend” by the end of September.
  • Are getting taller all the time (duh). But seriously, tall girl. You got to ride some of the big kid rides at Valleyfair because you’re 46″ tall. Even though you were 4 at the time. 5T pants are starting to be a bit short on you, so we have had to move up to buying in the girls’ department. I don’t like the sassy clothes and how the shorts are shorter in size 7 than they were in 3T. Ick. Thank goodness for Crazy 8. 🙂
  • You have a great desire to love God. You spontaneously ask to pray for things/people and often volunteer to say prayers for events/trips/people in need. My favorite is that whenever you or Markus hear a siren of any kind, you ask to pray for whoever might be involved in the accident/fire. You are bringing your Bible as your favorite book in your All About Me bag to share at Kindergarten, and I couldn’t be more proud (that seems really out of place right there…pride…). I hope that you continue to grow in your faith and trust in Jesus fully.
  • Have become my little helper. I ask you to run and get this or that for me or pick up the toys, and (here’s the kicker) you DO IT. Usually right away (unless you’re super tired or hungry). I appreciate this a lot, so keep it up. 🙂

All in all, Anja, we are loving being a part of your life, watching you grow. You are an enthusiastic, loving, strong-willed girl, and you’ll always be our little peanut.

Mama & Daddy

081812 Anja 5th b-day 050

081812 Anja 5th b-day 051


One thought on “Anja, 5 Years

  1. Just reading about how much you have grown up and matured the last year brings tears to my eyes. I want you to grow up but will also miss the little girl you were. Stay sweet my dear and loving your Grandma!

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