Candy Land Birthday Party

Before Anja was even born, I found a cute Candy Land cake on the back of a Taste of Home magazine. I clipped it out and put it in my binder (this was before Pinterest, people). Fast forward 5 years, and my girl starts talking about how she wants a Candy Land birthday. I freak out a little bit because I will actually get to USE the idea. After more scouring of the Internet for ideas and some creative-but-cheap homemade decor, this little party was born.

It was also her first party to get to invite friends. We kept the guest list short since we included them in our family party and our house is only so big, but Anja had a blast. I hope this is one she’ll remember forever. 🙂

I had so much help, too. My mom made the buns and the peanut brittle (yum!), and my friend Maggie made the amazing gumdrop topiary (she has much more patience for those type of projects than me, and I’m so thankful for that). Maggie also loaned me the chalkboard, the glass containers for the candy buffet, and the cute little vintage flash cards.

Oh, and guess who ended up decorating the cake? Husband. After all those years of anticipation, I decided it would be the perfect job for him, since his dad used to decorate his birthday cakes. And he did a stellar job.


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