Minnesota Summer/Fall Fun

I had a lovely package sent to me this summer by the “More to Explore” team. The package included goodies and passes from Explore Minnesota Tourism, the Minnesota Zoo, the Science Museum of Minnesota and Valleyfair.

The first items we used were the Valleyfair tickets. My mom was visiting at the end of July, and the five of us went together. We thought it was a great value, especially for the kids. For less than what they would pay at a county fair, they could ride to their hearts’ content. And the rides are a bit safer, too. 😉 They have added a new four-acre park just for the little ones called Planet Snoopy. We had a blast there! And Husband made me try a new “big kid” ride, even though I’m not great with heights. 🙂

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In August, the kids and I went to the Dinosaurs! Exhibit at the MN Zoo. We are already members there, but we hadn’t yet been to that part of the zoo. They were pretty nervous about all the lifelike dinosaurs at first (Markus got really jumpy when I turned him around for a picture and the dinosaur was behind him), but after awhile they relaxed and enjoyed learning about the different species.

Then, just before it ended, Husband and I had a date night and got to check out the Real Pirates exhibit at the Science Museum. It was much more exciting and interesting than we expected. We thought we would blow through it in an hour and be off to dinner, but we spent so long looking that we had to hustle through the last part of the exhibit before it closed! We had a membership at the Science Museum for about 3 years prior to and after Anja was born, and we’ll probably get one again once the kids are both a little older (for now we stick with the Children’s Museum).

Thanks again to the “More to Explore” team for giving us some great summer fun!


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