Markus, 3 years

We had a lovely weekend celebrating our newly-minted 3-yr-old. Markus, at 3 years, you:

  • Have some catch phrases. One of my favorites is when you hear the car downshift as we’re picking up speed and yell “Yeah, Daddy! Put your motor up!”
  • Pretend you are Spiderman and “Buzz the Lightyear” (as you call him) often. But we also find you in a tutu and cape combo when you’re playing with Anja. For some reason you think that playing any role requires stripping down to at least your pull-up if not farther…
  • Are into Cars, dinosaurs, toy story, tools, cars and trucks, and puzzles.
  • Have a vocabulary that surprises me. You and Anja were having a conversation in the car the other day about dinosaurs and why they aren’t around anymore. You said, “Anja, they died from disease.” I didn’t know you knew what disease is.
  • Love riding on things. You got a scooter and a Big Wheel for Christmas and your birthday, and you have already been practicing with them around the house.
  • Don’t go to bed very well. You need a drink and Chapstick (which you call “chopstick”) and then you just get out about 15 more times for effect no matter how many of your “guys” or privileges you lose or how many times you are disciplined.
  • Still don’t do #2 in the potty. You’ve been pee-trained for 10 months. If I knew how to help you I would do it, so why don’t you just tell me?
  • Like to fight with swords. You got one for Christmas and have no problem going boldly up to someone and stabbing them. Yikes!
  • Talk about Jesus with more clarity. You are very aware that he died on the cross for our sins and tell us that almost daily. Which is fine, because I can always use that reminder. You ask for help starting prayers at meal and bedtime even though you know exactly what you want to say.
  • Like to cuddle with Daddy or come and sleep with him in the mornings. You’ll wake up and come shuffle under the covers with him and he’ll find you there when he wakes. Mama gets more cuddles when you’re awake, like just after a nap or while we read together, but we’re glad you are still a cuddler.
  • Are getting more adventurous with foods. You’ll eat a pile of raw spinach off your plate and most veggies and fruits without complaint. We do have to be careful how much we give you of anything because you still spit up if you’ve eaten too much. Ew. You still don’t like potatoes or tomatoes. Your favorite food group is fruit (grapes, especially).
  • Are getting taller but still have short legs. You can’t reach the pedals on any of your bikes/trikes yet and you’re in 2T pants while your upper body is a solid 3T.
  • Are starting to help with chores. You unload silverware from the dishwasher and carry laundry downstairs in addition to trying to keep your room clean and toys picked up from main areas of the house.
  • Enjoy drawing and coloring, but you still don’t make much more than scribbles or the occasional circle. That said, hearing your description of what you drew is usually quite entertaining.
  • Are getting more independent in your self-care. You can wash your own hands (though it requires climbing onto the bathroom counter so you can reach) and put on your own clothes most of the time. When you feel like it you can even do your own shoes and coat.
  • Like to tease and taunt your sister. She doesn’t respond well to that (imagine that!). But you seem to enjoy getting under her skin. But the two of you play fairly well together sometimes, too, especially when she is allowed to make all the decisions about what you’ll play. 😉
  • Have stopped screaming so much. I tried a treat reward system and it took less than a week to get it under control. We are thankful.
  • Like to climb and jump and gallop and almost anything that involves wiggling your body. We often get the comment that you are “all boy.” True.

We are blessed to have such an active, healthy, loving, passionate boy. We love you, Markus!

011213 Markus 001