Markus’s Burger Ka-chow! 3rd birthday party

Markus wanted a “Lightning McQueen and Mater” birthday party, so we incorporated those characters with an idea he came up with last spring. We had just watched the first Cars movie as a family, and he said over the course of several weeks that he planned to open his own restaurant called “Burger Ka-Chow!” and it would serve burgers, fries and ketchup. We thought that a pretty good business plan for a 2-yr-old, and the idea stuck with me as I planned his birthday party this year. It was his very own Burger Ka-Chow! restaurant.

Husband and I spent a week secretly working on these guys in our laundry room. Markus was surprised to find Lightning and Mater big enough for him to sit in. They were inspired by this post. We weren’t expecting any other children than mine, and I didn’t have the time or energy to make a whole fleet of cars, so we just poured our creativity into these two. 🙂

011213 Markus Birthday 001

The rest of the decor was simple, and the menu included burgers, fries, AND ketchup. 🙂

011213 Markus Birthday 006

011213 Markus Birthday 010

011213 Markus Birthday 011

011213 Markus Birthday 014

011213 Markus Birthday 015

Anja added this sweet little picture she drew of Mater towing Lightning McQueen.

011213 Markus Birthday 017

011213 Markus Birthday 018

011213 Markus Birthday 019

011213 Markus Birthday 022

011213 Markus Birthday 031

011213 Markus Birthday 028

My mom had an old Wilton car-shaped cake pan from my brother’s birthday in the ’80s, so we souped him up a little to look like Lightning McQueen.

011213 Markus Birthday 033

011213 Markus Birthday 039

011213 Markus Birthday 042

Happy birthday, Little Man!


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