Playing Catch-Up – April 2013

Anja had spring break from school the first week of April, so Daddy took some days off and we did fun things as a family like go to the Imax for a 3D movie (both of your first). We had more snow (lots of it!), so we used the opportunity to build snowmen and snow forts and drink more tea and hot chocolate. And read books and have indoor picnics and make spring cookies and play with balloons and all sorts of other creative things to keep us from going stir-crazy. A streaker showed up at one of the indoor picnics. There was one really nice day where we flew kites, but then it snowed again.

Mama and Daddy went to Jamaica for a week, which was a super-blast. And you both were sick while we were gone…you seem to have a knack for that (poor grandparents!). Then I got really sick for four days, which extended into April. Hooray! 🙂

Markus learned to dress himself.

April 2013 001

April 2013 002

Helping Mama make PB Cup Brownies.

April 2013 003


April 2013 004

April 2013 005

April 2013 006

April 2013 007

April 2013 008

April 2013 009

April 2013 010

April 2013 011

April 2013 012

April 2013 013

April 2013 014

April 2013 015

April 2013 016

April 2013 017

April 2013 018

April 2013 019

April 2013 020

NOT Minnesota.

April 2013 021

jamaica selfie 001

April 2013 023

April 2013 024

tiny superhero 001

April 2013 025

April 2013 026

April 2013 027

April 2013 028

April 2013 029

When can we go outside?

April 2013 030


April 2013 031

Sherman thought it looked more like Fall than Spring…

April 2013 032

April 2013 033

April 2013 034

Playing Catch-Up – March 2013

March brought more snow, a visit to Grandma’s (to give Daddy a weekend off), more swimming lessons, and two days at Grandma and Grandpa’s, one being Easter. We started our Spring “Family Fun” list with dying eggs, and inviting people to our church for Easter service (you kids came with to help).

We also tried to make the lack of spring more bearable by playing “beach” in the house many times.

030213 swimming 001

030213 swimming 002

030213 swimming 003

031013 snow 001

031013 snow 002

031013 Daddy Daughter Dance 002

032613 Mr. Fix-it 004

033113 Easter 001

033113 Easter 002

033113 Easter 003

033113 Easter 014

Playing Catch-Up – January 2013

January is birthday month for Markus and me, so we had parties (even a surprise dinner with friends put together by my hubby!). Auntie Manda came and cooked us a Hungarian meal, we went to the St. Paul Winter Carnival to see the snow and ice sculptures (boy, was that a cold night!) and apparently we had a tea party, too.

012913 Winter Carnival 001

012913 Winter Carnival 002

012913 Winter Carnival 004

012913 Winter Carnival 005

012913 Winter Carnival 006

012913 Winter Carnival 007

012913 Winter Carnival 008

012413 tea party 008

012413 tea party 006

012413 tea party 005

012413 tea party 004

Natural Remedies

Anyone who knows me probably thinks I’m a bit crunchy. Not all-the-way crunchy (no cloth diapers yet), but at least a little. As a result, I get into homeopathic remedies for our family’s little aches and pains and colds and flus. Since some of them have proven to be quite useful this past year, I thought I’d share!

Homemade Cough Syrup

Homemade VapoRub

Homemade Neosporin – for this I have just used tea tree oil slightly diluted with water or coconut oil.

Homemade Cold Remedy (My kids even drink it! Seen below…sorry for the bad pic.)

Some that I haven’t yet tried but are on the list just in case are:

Homemade Pedialyte

Natural Strep Throat Cures

Homemade Head Lice Remedy