Natural Remedies

Anyone who knows me probably thinks I’m a bit crunchy. Not all-the-way crunchy (no cloth diapers yet), but at least a little. As a result, I get into homeopathic remedies for our family’s little aches and pains and colds and flus. Since some of them have proven to be quite useful this past year, I thought I’d share!

Homemade Cough Syrup

Homemade VapoRub

Homemade Neosporin – for this I have just used tea tree oil slightly diluted with water or coconut oil.

Homemade Cold Remedy (My kids even drink it! Seen below…sorry for the bad pic.)

Some that I haven’t yet tried but are on the list just in case are:

Homemade Pedialyte

Natural Strep Throat Cures

Homemade Head Lice Remedy



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