Markus, 3 1/2

My little boofy fireball. A friend has aptly described “1000% in all the time.” I can’t think of a better way to refer to your intense spirit. At 3 1/2 years old, you:

  • Are “bigger, faster, and stronger” than seemingly anything or anyone. We were eating with the same friend who gave you the above description, and you said, “Mr. X, my hamburger is better than yours.” We had a good laugh. I pray that God will use your competitive spirit and drive to do great things, but for now it mostly makes us either cringe or chortle. You have finally stopped insisting you are bigger and stronger than Jesus, however, which is good.
  • Are getting better about trying foods that you are visually opposed to.
  • Are obsessed (and that is putting it mildly) with Ninja Turtles. You weren’t exposed to the show or anything, just a small Raphael action figure Daddy had, and then you had to know EV.ER.Y.THING. about them. You were over the moon when Uncle sent you his old box of them, and you draw a picture of the four Ninja Turtles almost daily.
  • Still have a little room in your heart for CARS, dinosaurs and other toys, too. You have been taking good care of your baby fox (which you named Audralina after one of your sister’s fairy dolls) in recent weeks, showing the tiniest bit of a tender side. But mostly you still fashion weapons out of everything and dub yourself “Jumpman” or “Racerman” and make all sorts of explode-y sound effects while thrusting said weapons in the air, tumbling around, and jumping off of things. All. Boy.
  • Have opinions about what you wear. This seems contrary to the “All Boy” thing to me, but you care way, way more about what shoes or shirt or even underwear you put on than your older sister. I chalk it up to you wanting your wardrobe to be cool enough or manly enough. 🙂
  • Are a very talkative, social boy. You spoke in full sentences from an early age, but now you seem determined to dump words on every person who crosses your path. When this person is someone who can quickly get away, like a cashier or a passerby at the park, they find your verbal vomit endearing. When they have to spend more than 10 minutes with you, I can see their eyes get wide and their mouths drop open a little, probably thinking “Does he always talk this much and this loudly?” I can assure you the answer is YES, you do. Your grandparents took turns watching you in April while we went to Jamaica, and all three of them commented to me on how exhausting you are because you require a listening ear 99.5% of the time. I concur. BUT I will take that exhaustion any day (well, almost any day!), because I enjoy watching your little mouth, hearing your too-big-for-your-britches vocabulary, and waiting for your vocalized pause, which is a kissing noise (how adorable is that?). So keep talking, and I’ll do my best to listen! I know someday you won’t want to share every little tidbit of your day with me, so I will drink it in now while I can. Though we are going to keep working on the interrupting and volume control…
  • Can memorize verses like nobody’s business. You pick up on ones that your sister has been learning and when she struggles, you’ll butt in and finish the verse. Didn’t even know you were listening!
  • Seem to be growing taller, slowly but surely. You sure don’t look it and are the smallest of your friends, but I rejoice a little (and weep a little) when a pair of pants starts looking high-waters on you. You’ve definitely lost some of your facial baby-chub. *sniff* My boy’s growing up! You’re wearing 3T pants (some require rolling) and 3T shirts.
  • Insist that “when you are 6” you will do everything short of taking over the world. I think once your sister hits her birthday, you’ll find that age to be less magical and grown-up than you think.
  • Have started writing and identifying letters and numbers much more often.
  • Fight with your sister a lot. I think a great part of it is you are a clear extrovert while she is more introverted, wanting some quiet playtime to herself. We keep trying to figure out how we can get you two to get along, but I think most of our efforts are in vain. We’ll keep praying for peace during playtime!
  • Are trepidatious about preschool. Your sister was, too, and even cried her first day. I think you’ll do well if you can keep the voice contained.
  • Have gotten better about bedtime with the help of a blanket “cave” that goes over your toddler bed and sleeping with one million stuffed animals.
  • Poop-trained shortly after your 3rd birthday! I basically took away your underpants and you pooped in the potty that day and every day since with very few accidents. You don’t even need a pee pad at night, which is wonderful.
  • Come running to Mama every time someone disciplines you (like Daddy) or you get hurt. I can’t say I mind, though as you grow, I do want you to be a man. 🙂
  • Really like making art. You and Anja can often be found at the dining table surrounded by a slurry of paper, coloring books, crayons and colored pencils, just going to town. I love that.

Markus, my dear, we love you and all your spunk. We pray that God will harness it all to bring Himself great glory!

Sunny Boy 005