Christmas Tour 2013

A couple of times I’ve participated in The Christmas Tour of Homes. In 2008, it was still under BooMama’s jurisdiction. In 2009, it was Nester’s first year hosting the Tour, and I linked up again. Apparently since then I haven’t gotten my tour up in time (may have coincided with the birth of our second child and , so I’m linking to the years I missed as well as putting up a few photos from this year.


Like most people, I have my old-timey favorite items that I put up every year, but I try to mix it up so things don’t look the same every year.

Mom gave me the little sled this year. So cute!
Christmas Tour 2013 003

Jesse Tree!
Christmas Tour 2013 005

Casual centerpiece with some snowflakes we’d been cutting out that day.
Christmas Tour 2013 006

Balustrade by day.
Christmas Tour 2013 007

Balustrade by night.
Christmas Tour 2013 002

The tree.
Christmas Tour 2013 001

Cute little raccoon Markus gave Anja for Christmas this year
Christmas Tour 2013 008

Christmas Tour 2013 009

Christmas Tour 2013 010

Christmas Tour 2013 011

Christmas Tour 2013 012

And then she wanted one with the nativity scene, too. And her doll.
Christmas Tour 2013 013

The kids who live here.
Christmas Tour 2013 014

And the mantel downstairs.
Christmas Tour 2013 015

Love the God Jul sign made by my friend, the owner of Sola Hus, in Moorhead, MN!
Christmas Tour 2013 016

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Thankful Tree 2013

We did a slightly different take on our Thankful Tree this year: a paper version on the wall. I have too little counter space in my kitchen to give it up for a whole month during baking season! And this worked really well. Both kids were writing a lot of their own items to put on the tree, which was fun to see. Markus also added two very tiny but very detailed beehives. They are the white-and-gray things you see on the trunk.


Apparently Daddy had a busy month of evenings (we usually share our thanks around the dinner table), because his list was short. But I know in his heart he is very thankful for many things. 🙂

– Coco (her stuffed dog)
– Mama
– Books
– Markus
– Dad
– Markus
– Mom’s love (awww….)
– Flowers
– Art
– Daddy’s job
– Jaylee (her cousin)
– School

– When Anja is obedient
– Pizza
– A home
– Candy

– Mama
– Room (his room, I assume)
– Mama
– Love
– Ninja Turtle costume
– Caleb (a friend)
– Jaylee
– Watching “Peter and the Wolf”

– Our own home
– Markus’s mouth when he colors
– My musical experiences
– Humor
– Mr. Tim is still alive (a friend of ours had a near-death experience)
– Husband
– Books
– Coloring crayons
– Nutritious meals
– Our church
– Anja
– My girlfriends
– Classical music
– Brownies
– Markus
– Quesadillas

So there you have it! Just a few of the things for which we are thankful. God has richly blessed us.