Thankful Tree 2013

We did a slightly different take on our Thankful Tree this year: a paper version on the wall. I have too little counter space in my kitchen to give it up for a whole month during baking season! And this worked really well. Both kids were writing a lot of their own items to put on the tree, which was fun to see. Markus also added two very tiny but very detailed beehives. They are the white-and-gray things you see on the trunk.


Apparently Daddy had a busy month of evenings (we usually share our thanks around the dinner table), because his list was short. But I know in his heart he is very thankful for many things. 🙂

– Coco (her stuffed dog)
– Mama
– Books
– Markus
– Dad
– Markus
– Mom’s love (awww….)
– Flowers
– Art
– Daddy’s job
– Jaylee (her cousin)
– School

– When Anja is obedient
– Pizza
– A home
– Candy

– Mama
– Room (his room, I assume)
– Mama
– Love
– Ninja Turtle costume
– Caleb (a friend)
– Jaylee
– Watching “Peter and the Wolf”

– Our own home
– Markus’s mouth when he colors
– My musical experiences
– Humor
– Mr. Tim is still alive (a friend of ours had a near-death experience)
– Husband
– Books
– Coloring crayons
– Nutritious meals
– Our church
– Anja
– My girlfriends
– Classical music
– Brownies
– Markus
– Quesadillas

So there you have it! Just a few of the things for which we are thankful. God has richly blessed us.


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