Markus, 5 years

Oh, little buddy, I think this is the most overdue milestone post I’ve had. You’ve been 5 for almost 3 months now, so I’ll try to remember back to when you just turned….

Markus, at five years old, you:

  • Are a force. Your intensity is one of the first things people see in you, that and the fact that you…
  • Never stop talking. For Christmas you received a book trying to teach you that others might have something important to say as well, but now you have started to realize that when I want to read it to you I’m trying to send you a “message,” so you don’t want to hear it anymore. You have a loud, low voice.
  • Like macaroni and cheese, fruit, sweets. You eat salad readily but it cannot have a single drop of dressing on or near it. You hate tomatoes.
  • Are still very fickle in your interests. One week it’s Transformers, one week it’s Ninjago Legos, one week it’s blocks, one week it’s cars, one week it’s Lincoln Logs. Whatever you’re currently into, you’re VERY into, and all your other toys can just go take a hike.
  • Are finally sleeping in a big boy bed. You got one for your birthday, and you fell out of it a few times, but now you just snuggle in and go to sleep better than you ever have.
  • Like to fight with Daddy (or any other man or boy who will fight you).
  • Love to hug and kiss. I usually get five kisses when I put you to bed. And I love that you always want to be touching whoever you’re nearest to. Other kids…well, they don’t always like it as much as Mom.
  • Listen to stories well, despite your inability to sit still and not interrupt. The Sunday School teachers and leaders at my moms’ group often tell me that you have many answers for their questions. I’m glad you’re paying attention, even if it doesn’t look like it. 🙂
  • Make awesome sound effects. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy thing. I’ve never seen Anja do any of those, and you can without practice.
  • Have a very active imagination. I love that you made an army of men out of TP tubes. You’re fine with almost anything as a toy, as long as you can project your wishes onto it. We’ve found you bore quickly of toys that have limited purpose.
  • Are gluten-free. We tried an elimination for both you and Sis in 2014 and still aren’t sure about gluten, so we’re giving you another trial.
  • Are starting to read. I saved Anja’s kindergarten phonics books, and you’ve been reading through all of those and sound out other words when you see them. You also write us notes and refuse to let us spell anything for you. “Don’t tell me, Mama.”
  • Have a large vocabulary for your age. Most of the time you know what you’re saying, but it’s awfully cute when you misuse a big word.
  • Love your big sister. You guys don’t always get along, but you can play together for hours. You’re starting to exert a little more of your ideas into your co-play, which isn’t always received well, but I’m glad you’re not letting her run over you.
  • Speak with sub-context, using a different voice for your parenthetical statements. “This is an island where the overlord (which is a pink ball) is, and he told…”
  • Are motivated by material things. You don’t get much satisfaction from cleaning your room or helping Mama, but if you are promised a treat or a toy pulled out of storage, you’ll be much more enthusiastic. I don’t like bribery, but sometimes….
  • Have a couple good friends and are quick to make new ones. You love your old small group buddies and are quickly getting to know your new small group friends. At co-op you seem to gravitate toward kids Anja’s age, and she gravitates toward kids your age. Funny.
  • Have an amazing memory. You still run circles around your sister with your CC memory work, which is frustrating for her. But we would love to see God use this gift He’s given you as a means to something great.
  • Love to draw. But your coloring sheet requests (when we print them from the internet) are so specific that you’re impossible to please. “Mama, I want a Ninjago skeleton army up on a ledge with no bodies touching each other.” I tell you almost daily that you have to pick from what ol’ Google has to offer, but you are not satisfied with that.
  • Have the best giggle. You love to wrestle, so when I have the energy to, I get you pinned and then tickle you just to hear your laugh. You make US laugh a lot, too, with your witty comebacks and funny personality.
  • Are in size 4T for most things. You have a couple 5T shirts that you swim in…hopefully they’ll fit next year.

Markus, you are a marvelous little creation. We are blessed to parent you and see what God has in store!

120715 Our Family Christmas 001

011315 new quilt

012315 Shovelers 001


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