Fairy Garden 2015

The kids have been saving their allowance and gift money for awhile. Each purchased a new fairy (Markus’s is hiding inside the house) and they pooled their money to buy a fairy house today for their fairy garden. This is our third (and largest) fairy garden…it’s just so much fun! Other than the fairies, the house, and the fountains (which they bought last year), we shopped around our yard and house for all the other items.

The gazing ball is made of a marble, an acorn top, and a drinking straw. We had already planted the flowers (kids’ choices) earlier in the season. I dug moss out of our grass on the north side of the house (it needed to go away anyway!). The birch tree out front gave us a bridge. Anja already had the blue stones that make up the river, and we took all the other rocks from our landscaping and the kids’ collections. Tiny animals we already owned, and some of the “trees” and “bushes” were just weeds I dug out of our yard. I couldn’t see paying $6 per tiny plant when I knew they’d be happy with weeds. 🙂

They are currently out there telling each other stories about their fairies. Adorable.

Have you ever made a fairy garden? Did you go all out or shop your yard?

061015 Fairy Garden 001

061015 Fairy Garden 002

061015 Fairy Garden 003

061015 Fairy Garden 004

061015 Fairy Garden 005

061015 Fairy Garden 006

061015 Fairy Garden 007

061015 Fairy Garden 008