Markus, 5 1/2

Markus, at 5 ½, you:

  • Are headstrong, always up to the challenge.
  • Have a tender heart. This seems like a strange dichotomy, but it’s true. I caught you wiping away tears after your sister’s performance at her dance recital. Moments like that just melt my own heart.
  • Create, create, create. Whether it’s Lego ships of your own design, cities of blocks complete with yarn ziplines, paper armies of Octonauts and vegimals, teams of basketball players comprised of tiny Lincoln Logs with masking tape numbers, you are one creative dude, always thinking up the next thing with which to play. It’s messy, but I love your whirlwind.
  • Are eating less pickily. You now maintain that you “don’t hate tomatoes,” yet very few seem to make it across your lips. However, other than tomatoes, you’ll chow down almost anything. You still spurn salad dressing, and since we frequently eat salads, you usually have a pile of dry veggies on your plate.
  • Are still a little guy. Now mostly in 4T and 5T shirts and shorts, but those legs can’t handle most 5T pants yet. Grow, buddy! But also? Stay small. 🙂
  • Ask me to cuddle you when I tuck you in almost nightly. Aww… But then you talk my ear of or want to show me all the somethings, and I usually end up leaving so you can settle down.
  • Have taken to being shirtless quite often. Ever since a little friend took his shirt off at the park one day, it is like you realized “I’m a guy! I can be shirtless!” and use that as an opportunity to show off your soft white belly on many occasions.
  • Are also often barefoot.
  • Climb everything and jump off it with abandon. You still harbor a fear of heights to rival mine, but it doesn’t stop you from climbing and jumping. But when you get hurt there’s long bouts of crying. You don’t have the pain tolerance that Sis does.
  • Memorized a lot of Bible verses this spring. I don’t think I even knew half of them, but they marked a lot of them off your chart that you memorized just by hearing at Sunday School. You have an amazing memory; use it wisely, Son.
  • Communicate at a level higher than your age. Daddy was flabbergasted the other night when I told him you’re just entering Kindergarten. I’ve had other folks tell me the same: You are a big talker, your brain works “big” for your age, you think at a level that seems old, etc. Again, we’re hoping and praying God will use that for His glory!
  • Still have a 5-yr-old sense of humor. Farts, butts, other *ahem* body parts and bodily functions are all your favorite subjects for “jokes.” You are definitely a BOY.
  • Could talk the ear off corn. It’s hard to have a moment’s peace around our house. Someone (okay, YOU) needs to be seen/heard/felt at least once every 3 minutes or you seem to think you’ve died. Quiet time really means Mom trying to keep Markus in his room time.
  • Have some favorites:
    Book – Anything about blue whales or race cars
    TV Show – Octonauts
    Stuffed animal – Audralina and Cubby
    Food – Macaroni and cheese
    Drink – Water
    Activity – Ride my bike
    Game – Playing tag
    Sport – Basketball
    Animal – Blue whales
  • Know how to whistle. It’s a source of pride for you, especially because your sister can’t yet.
  • Like playing sports in the back yard, but you refuse to participate in any organized sports yet. That may change this summer.
  • Enjoy playing with Legos, blocks, stuffed animals, rocks (collected from all over and brought in my house…yaaaaay!) monster trucks, and occasionally cars.
  • Love to be read to (Anja is a dear and reads to you almost as often as I do!) and work slowly through your own phonics readers. We’ll start phonics in earnest this year, but for now I’m enjoying all the little notes we get in your own spelling, such as “Markusiz room iz of limis.”
  • Are obsessed with Shaquille O’Neal. You like that he’s big and tall and plays basketball and that someone made a very funny video of him.

We love you, Little Man. You’re pretty cool.

062715 Playhouse Building 007

072615 Cards and Wrestling 006

070415 Markus 006

072615 Cards and Wrestling 003