MN State Fair Food 2015

It’s been a couple years since I’ve posted about Fair food. We’ve had several that have become perennial favorites and several that were one-time tries. Here’s our list from this year!

AM stuff

  • French Meadow Bakery scone. We’ve always gotten the strawberries and cream or peaches and cream, and this year we tried the new cinnamon currant with cream cheese frosting. It was fine, but next year we’ll go back to our prior favorites. It’s hit or miss to get a warm scone unless you arrive early. This year ours was cold. 😦IMG_7549
  • Blue Barn’s Berry French Toast. A win! We really wanted to make it in time to get the Meatloaf Hash, but we were minutes late. The French Toast was perfect except for the Pop Rocks that were already soggy by the time we got to eating it. Points for concept, though.IMG_7539


  • Moe & Joe’s chocolate, marshmallow, banana sandwich. This is the 4th year, I think, for this one. Markus wolfed down a large portion, and even though I wasn’t in the mood for one I had several bites as well. This will stay on our list.IMG_7630
  • Fresh-squeezed Lemonade. South of the Food Building, and there’s a coupon. All the other powdered ones around the Fair can’t compete.
  • Honey Lemonade. In the Horticulture Building near all the live bees, this is another one we keep coming back for.
  • Tiny Tim’s Mini-donuts. We always hit the stand on Carnes out in front of the Grandstand. Hot, fresh, sugary deliciousness.
  • Handmade salted nut roll. A first for these, and we got chocolate-dipped peanut (they also offer cashew and pecan). IMG_7639
  • Dairy Building Salted Caramel Puffcorn Malt. Disappointment. Stale puffcorn with a pre-poured malt, so it was basically all melted. This has happened 3 years in a row now with the pre-poured ice cream, so we’re thinking the Dairy Building might be done for our family.IMG_7623
  • Sara’s Tipsy Pies, salted caramel. The pastry was outstanding, the filling left a bit to be desired. There was salt on top and apple inside, but very little taste and no caramel that we could find.IMG_7652
  • Pizza Shoppe Dessert Nachos. These could’ve been better if we’d been smarter about our toppings. I had chosen bacon, caramel, whipped cream, chocolate chips and pistachios to accompany the cannoli chips and ricotta cream. The gal talked me into adding fruit, which didn’t go well with the other items. We ended up throwing half of it away. Kind of wish I’d gotten a basic cannoli from Mancini’s. Hindsight.IMG_7605
  • Nitro Freeze ice cream. They used to have a shop near our old house which closed not long after we moved here. Super-smooth, super-cold ice cream. What’s not to like? In the Food Building.IMG_7603
  • 1919 Root Beer. Always accompanies our cheese curds and goes great with them. NW corner of The Garden.
  • Rainbow Ice in the Grandstand. Meh. Had a coupon.
  • Slushies near Baldwin Park. Better than the Rainbow Ice by far, and the kids had fun choosing their flavors to mix, just not my cup of…slushie. 🙂IMG_7641


  • Lulu’s Mac and Cheese Cupcake. If you like mac, like my kids do, you’ll enjoy this.IMG_7541
  • Cheese Curds. There are lots of stands. We always get the ones on Dan Patch Ave just north of FAN Central. They’re awesome. And can’t be done without the 1919 Root Beer mentioned above.IMG_7638
  • Frontier Bar Cowboy Bites. These were delicious, spicy little turds of corn, jalapeno, bacon and cream cheese. Plus dipping sauce! Didn’t get a pic because it was right before we left the Fair.
  • Wild Rice Specialties burger. Amazeballs. Every year we’re surprised again at how delicious they are. The kids love it, we love it, and I’d get 5 to go if I thought they’d hold up well for travel.IMG_7604
  • Sausages by Cynthia Wild Rice Sausage. Also very good. First time we’d tried them this year, and Husband especially liked it. Again, end of the day and didn’t get a pic. On Judson across from the Go Carts.
  • Roasted corn on the cob. Yearly favorite, especially when we get a nice, black one. Someone’s wonky front teeth couldn’t handle it this year, haha! Corner of Dan Patch near the Grandstand.IMG_7637
  • MN Wine Country Glazed Pork Wings. I tried one bite so I could say I had. They were okay, but not fresh. Could’ve been better. I think they were on Cosgrove near the Space Tower?IMG_7622
  • San Felipe North Woods BBQ Taco. 3 years running a favorite. Husband would barely share.IMG_7551
  • Vegie Fries. I could take them or leave them, but Husband loves them and sometimes gets seconds. Easy way to work some veggies into your day, lol.IMG_7554
  • Last but not least, the Pronto Pup. I have one or two bites, and the rest of the family devours them. Several throughout the day.IMG_7573

At this point you’re probably thinking we’re the biggest pigs…however, keep in mind all these foods fed four hungry people from breakfast through 8:30 p.m. I’ve had worse ways to spend a day, but I did get a tummy ache that night. Too much rich food, methinks.

Each family member’s favorites this year:


  1. North Woods BBQ Taco
  2. Vegie Fries
  3. Corn on the Cob
  4. Honey Lemonade
  5. Cowboy Bites


  1. Wild Rice Burger
  2. Berry French Toast
  3. Cheese Curds
  4. North Woods BBQ Taco
  5. Moe & Joe’s Banana Sandwich


  1. Wild Rice Burger
  2. Berry French Toast
  3. Mac and Cheese Cupcake
  4. 1919 Root Beer
  5. Cheese Curds


  1. Mac and Cheese Cupcake
  2. Moe & Joe’s Banana Sandwich
  3. Slushie
  4. Cheese Curds
  5. Pronto Pup

Please share your favorites! We add to our list every year!