About me

Iā€™m 30-something, married, and a mother to a little girl and a little boy. I grew up in northwestern Minnesota (the part with lots of beet fields that nobody ever visits) and now live in the Twin Cities metro area (Minneapolis/St. Paul). I love Minnesota’s lakes, trees and sunsets. And even the beet fields. I love my husband, who is also from Minnesota.

My passions are reading, cooking and baking, art in its many forms, and health. And I love cookies. Lots of cookies. Does that go with health? Probably not. But I loves ’em anyway…

I’d love to hear from you. Email me at mnmomblog (at) gmail (dot) com

27 thoughts on “About me

  1. Heidi, it’s me Carrie! I think I found your blog from a comment you made on Jen Berg’s blog…. somehow I found yours before you announced it to the SG! šŸ™‚ Mine blog is pretty lame right now, but hopefully over the next months/years it will be a more exciting read. šŸ™‚ It was great to see you today! -Carrie H.

  2. Hi Heidi! I love your blog… your baby girl is adorable!!
    Anyways… I live in Minneapolis!! I have a 7 year old son and a 1 year old daughter.
    Nice to “meet” ya!


  3. I lived in MinneSoOOOta for 4 years when I was just out of college. Right downtown on 7 corners. Yikes! It wasn’t as scarey then but still scarey. I worked for Price Waterhouse (public acct firm).

    I now live in NW Iowa about 2 hours from Gretchen’s (above commenter) relatives.

    I still have several friends up there, infact we were there in November to celebrate my little boy’s 11th birthday at the MOA (we do that every year – – seriously need to find a new trick for this old mom – man the noise’ll kill ya after 6-8 hours).

    Nice to meet a northern neighbor!

  4. we have “met” today thru posting on eacthothers blogs, but I thought I would offically say hi! I also live in MN…I LOVE it! I am in Cambridge, but spend alot of time in the cities. I am a photographer (mostly weddings) and the majority of them are in the cities!

    I love your lay out…what is wordpress? I love it!

    I am going to copy you and do a “my 100 things” post!


  5. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog from a link on Antique Mommy’s blog. I spent the first 23 years of my life in MN – Mankato to be exact šŸ™‚ Hubby and I moved to CO right after got married and we’ve been here ever since (12 years!!!). I love Colorado, but oh how I miss water, and the color green, and snow, and winter. I do not, however, miss bugs, humidity, and tornadoes. I’ll definitely be back to see what’s happenin’ in The Cities šŸ™‚

    Go Twins!

  6. Hi Minnesota Mom!
    Came across your blog today reading blogs profusely as I do daily…a dirty little habit of mine…and wanted to say “hi” from another NEW Minnesota mom! Just moved here 7 months ago (from Indiana) and let me tell you, it sure has been interesting! My kids are 10 and 7 and we are looking forward to spring/summer for our first time here. Anyway, lovely blog! I’ll be checking in from time to time.

  7. Oh man! Your mention of the beet fields brought me right back to my college days in Moorhead. I grew up in SE MN, and had never smelled ANYTHING quite like beets being processed. Still haven’t (thank goodness!).

    I moved to PA 8 years ago and I don’t think that I could survive another MN winter, no matter how much my family would like to have us back there.

    Found my way here from your comments over at One Thing.

  8. Hi Minnestota mom,

    I was born a raised in MN. My family is still there. We had to move because of my husbands job. We live in Charleston SC. It is really beautiful and green like MN , but ya just don’t hop into a lake like ya do up north! (I have been here three years now.)Look for me on Flicker and you will understand. I MISS MINNESOTA!!! It’s a great place to raise a family. I was from St. Louis Park. I love cookies, and bake all the time. I like to bake bars also. I’m told that’s a MN thing. MN has beautiful grocery stores, when I tell people about Beyerly’s and Lunds they think I’m joking. They also think I’m kidding about drive through pick up. They call grocery carts, buggy’s. In the South people are very polite and call me Miss Sharon. I used to smile, now I keep thinking of driving Miss Daisy. Yikes!!!

    I will be back to visit soon enough and more often! It’s a different cookie down here.

    Take Care,


  9. How about that. Our little girl turned 11 months on Friday and may I say you and your husband have EXCELLENT taste in baby names. šŸ™‚ Ours goes by the “Little Goat” on my blog though. Our Anjas are cute girls!

  10. Ok, this is so bizarre and you will not even believe how I came across your blog! Hope to see you at the high school reunion…have fun chasing that baby around, they certailnly don’t stay babies for long!

  11. Hey, just came across your blog, while searching for local mom-resources. How awesome! I love that you’ve acknowledged the Lord, and the way He is obviously a part of your life, thoughts, and it is put forth so naturally. What an excellent witness! So glad to have read you! God Bless!

  12. Hi! Stumbled across your BLOG from Heidi’s at Sacred and Profane. My husband is from Northern MN! In fact we’re headed that way in a few weeks!

    Love your bLoG and it’s nice to “meet” you!

  13. Hi – just dropped in via Chatting at the Sky. Found you in the comments section.
    Ahhh……… MINNESOTA…..my native state. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Northeastern MN. in the Iron Range Towns. We live in Kansas now. Were heading on up in the Fall for a visit to our mothers and other relatives in the area.
    NIce blog…….will be back to read some more.

  14. Hi again…..replying back to your reply to my comment.
    We live in the N.E. part of Kansas……it’s very rolling hills, lots of woods….Reservoirs / Ponds are what they call Lakes here….definitely not the beautiful Land of 10,000 Lakes. Western and South West Kansas are rolling Prairie Land….Flint Hills to the W. – S.W. of us is actually very beautiful. Winters are not better they are worse, cold , damp, humid and often muddy. Give me 6 months of Minnesota winter any day over winters here.

  15. I love Minnesota. I once owned a t-shirt from Hello Minnesota shop – that was many years ago – it wouldn’t fit now. I love cookies too but home-made ones. I have been visiting MN for over 20 years and have relatives and friends there. Loved the lakes, the countryside, the food (love lefsa and the odd lutifisk) and the snow I miss. One day I’ll visit again soon hopefully. I live in London now. Love your pics of cookie jars reminds me of other MN cookie jars I’ve seen and enjoyed the cookies stored in them. Christmas and the festive season in MN is second to none.
    Have a great day.

  16. Hello, I found your blog while doing a search for Minnesota MOM blogs! I enjoy reading your content. Congrats on your new addition. I am a mom blogger as well who lives in Portland, OR but I am from Minnesota originally.
    best wishes.

  17. Greetings from California,
    I wanted you to know that I featured one of your Bad Poetry Monday posts on my Facebook page for National Poetry Month. My goal is to post a poem (nearly) every day in the month of April. This morning I decided to focus on bad poetry and your Bad Poetry Monday blog posts came up in my search (how cool for me). I have a friend who is legendary for her power breakfasts of chocolate pop tarts and Pepsi, so I posted your Pop Tarts poem (and a link to your blog) on my Note page. I’d say that poem is more fun than bad, but ofetn those two adjectives works together, don’t they?

  18. I am another Minnesota mom (and a grandma as well). I live SW of the cities. My husband is the photographer though. Stumbled on your blog through Inspired to action.

  19. Hi,
    I’m looking fora mom who thinks your life isn’t complete unless you have children.

    This is for a segment for FOX 9 News, on how women are not having kids. I would like to hear what a mom thinks about women not having children.

    Do you know anyone?

    Let me know.
    Producer FOX 9 News

  20. Hello Heidi,

    I enjoyed your photo gallery. You have that ability to capture life in the camera’s lense!

    Saw you through my friend, Jenni Wilson’s blog, somehow or another.

    Thanks, and God Bless1

    Scott McDonald
    Denton, Texas

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