Playing Catch-Up – April 2013

Anja had spring break from school the first week of April, so Daddy took some days off and we did fun things as a family like go to the Imax for a 3D movie (both of your first). We had more snow (lots of it!), so we used the opportunity to build snowmen and snow forts and drink more tea and hot chocolate. And read books and have indoor picnics and make spring cookies and play with balloons and all sorts of other creative things to keep us from going stir-crazy. A streaker showed up at one of the indoor picnics. There was one really nice day where we flew kites, but then it snowed again.

Mama and Daddy went to Jamaica for a week, which was a super-blast. And you both were sick while we were gone…you seem to have a knack for that (poor grandparents!). Then I got really sick for four days, which extended into April. Hooray! 🙂

Markus learned to dress himself.

April 2013 001

April 2013 002

Helping Mama make PB Cup Brownies.

April 2013 003


April 2013 004

April 2013 005

April 2013 006

April 2013 007

April 2013 008

April 2013 009

April 2013 010

April 2013 011

April 2013 012

April 2013 013

April 2013 014

April 2013 015

April 2013 016

April 2013 017

April 2013 018

April 2013 019

April 2013 020

NOT Minnesota.

April 2013 021

jamaica selfie 001

April 2013 023

April 2013 024

tiny superhero 001

April 2013 025

April 2013 026

April 2013 027

April 2013 028

April 2013 029

When can we go outside?

April 2013 030


April 2013 031

Sherman thought it looked more like Fall than Spring…

April 2013 032

April 2013 033

April 2013 034

A Work of Art

Our dear girl has taken up a few nasty habits lately. One of them is doodling on things which shouldn’t be doodled upon. Even though she was disciplined for this one, I had to hide my laughter the entire time, and I still laugh when I look at it. I’m leaving it “altered.”

And Just Like That, The Sherman Project was over.

I’m not gonna lie–I’m pretty sad about this post.   Probably sadder than I should be.

Last Monday, the kids and I were at the Minnesota Zoo.  Somewhere between the bathroom and the Minnesota Trail, Anja lost Sherman.  I didn’t notice it until quite a bit later, unfortunately.  I’d been taking quite a few photos, so I just tracked back through them to find the last photo where he was pictured.  We retraced our steps.  No sign of him.  We asked several people working in the area if anyone had turned him in.  No Sherman.  We left a description (even a little sketch) and our contact info at the Guest Services desk in case he turned up.  I have called there four times in the past week to check.  No Sherman.

He had been left at a small group member’s house for two weeks just prior to the incident, so Anja had already been “weaned” of him a little bit, so she isn’t too broken up about it.  However, Husband and I aren’t so easily detached.  We both experienced moments of stress (even a dream) about him in the days following his disappearance.   I still get a little heart-sick when I think of him in a dumpster, covered with garbage, or in the hands of another toddler who won’t understand how special he is.  He was the all-time favorite, go-with-me-everywhere, has-his-own-personality toy to Anja.  I had planned on writing a book about him for her 4th birthday, which now may not even have any significance to her.

Sherman, wherever you are, we sure hope you are still being loved.  We will miss you.

041611 003

I Like Posts About Books

I’ve been thinking since, oh….2010 or so, that I should write a post with book reviews. Until I get to that, I think I’ll just keep taking shots of my kids reading. ‘Cause it’s easier. 🙂

033111 003

033111 004

I love his little turtle neck. I love his neck, period.

033111 007

And there’s that sweet eyebrow raise again.

033111 008

The French Braid

Apparently I take after my mother in the French braiding department. Meaning: I can’t do it. Normal braids, I can do, but I can’t for the life of me get Anja’s hair to take a French braid. Maybe the hair is the problem? Since my mom couldn’t get one in mine, either, maybe she just has my kind of hair? Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that.  And giving her awesome other-styles instead.

040811 018

Dallas, Day Three

slept in
had cereal and juice in hotel room
drove to Dale’s Donuts (****/*****) (so small they don’t have a website, but we found them!) – two cake, three glazed, all delicious! (cake donuts had a hint of vanilla)
had Whataburger (**/*****) (Texans call it “waterburger”) for lunch, split a bacon cheeseburger and fries. It was meh
Fossil Rim – fed lots of animals while we drove, took video, bought shirts for the kids
Off the Bone BBQ (****/*****) in south Fort Worth for dinner. Had brisket and ribs with potato salad, fried okra and peppers/pickles/onions mix. Super-good and cheap.  These hole-in-the-wall restaurants have really cemented our opinion that they almost always do it up better than chains.  A. Mazing.
came back to hotel
worked out at the hotel gym
watched “Pretty Woman”
went out to TGI Friday’s for late-night apps (potato skins, boneless wings, fried green beans)

032511 001

032511 002

I always get the best shots of Husband eating. It’s kind of my thing.
032511 003

032511 004

So from far away these might look kind of like MN cows (dairy), but up close they are HUGE (and for beef). You know…everything is bigger in TX. 😉

032511 014

I will spare you the embarrassing Blair-Witch-Project-style video from when a European Red Deer stuck its head in the window of my car, but let’s just say that my mom nearly emptied her bladder watching it. Good comedy. And a zebra pulled the same stunt with similar effects. All over there are signs saying, “These animals behave as if they were in the wild.” My foot. They are trained, because pretty much every car has bags of food for them, to walk up to your vehicle and beg. Wild animals DO NOT DO THIS.

032511 015

032511 016





If you haven’t had fried okra before, you’re missing out. 🙂

The Visual Things

An accompaniment to my recent post.  I snapped a few quick pics one night of things I’ll miss.

My boy riding his little “car” down the hallway, running it into this bench, then getting off and walking along the bench.

012411 002

My quirky fridge with all its artwork (though obviously I hope to keep my new fridge covered with it, too).

012411 003

My giant clock, since I can’t think of a single child-friendly place to hang it in the new house. I envision broken glass.

012411 004

Another photo here.  I feel kind of dumb for posting all these here, but since I’ve told y’all it acts as my virtual scrapbook, I hope you don’t mind.  🙂

Sunday Sunshine 01.23.11

I’ve been to San Diego a few times, and been to places like Richard Walker’s for pancakes (yum!), but why oh why did I never hear of this place (first place mentioned in the post)?  I want every single one of those cupcakes.  Aaaaaand…I now want to go on “dessert tours” with friends.  Any takers?  I really don’t mean to wreck New Year’s resolutions/goals here, but I can’t. help. myself.

Katie made some fabulous Valentines…my mind motor is whirring with ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Look at other people’s messes?  Yes, please!  As depressing as this might sound, it makes me feel so normal.


Good Thing Someone Keeps Track of These Things

As I was informed by Gretchen, today is National Delurking Day.  Meaning, if you read a blog but have never left a comment, “delurk” and say hello!  I’d love to hear from you!

And have a happy weekend.  We’ll be doing lots of celebrating around here.  My boy’s 1st birthday party!  Oh, and someone else is turning 31.  But we don’t need to talk about that.  😉