Christmas Tour 2013

A couple of times I’ve participated in The Christmas Tour of Homes. In 2008, it was still under BooMama’s jurisdiction. In 2009, it was Nester’s first year hosting the Tour, and I linked up again. Apparently since then I haven’t gotten my tour up in time (may have coincided with the birth of our second child and , so I’m linking to the years I missed as well as putting up a few photos from this year.


Like most people, I have my old-timey favorite items that I put up every year, but I try to mix it up so things don’t look the same every year.

Mom gave me the little sled this year. So cute!
Christmas Tour 2013 003

Jesse Tree!
Christmas Tour 2013 005

Casual centerpiece with some snowflakes we’d been cutting out that day.
Christmas Tour 2013 006

Balustrade by day.
Christmas Tour 2013 007

Balustrade by night.
Christmas Tour 2013 002

The tree.
Christmas Tour 2013 001

Cute little raccoon Markus gave Anja for Christmas this year
Christmas Tour 2013 008

Christmas Tour 2013 009

Christmas Tour 2013 010

Christmas Tour 2013 011

Christmas Tour 2013 012

And then she wanted one with the nativity scene, too. And her doll.
Christmas Tour 2013 013

The kids who live here.
Christmas Tour 2013 014

And the mantel downstairs.
Christmas Tour 2013 015

Love the God Jul sign made by my friend, the owner of Sola Hus, in Moorhead, MN!
Christmas Tour 2013 016

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Merry Christmas!

I missed all the Christmas linky parties, but I did take a few photos of our Christmas decor this week. So for my own posterity…here they are! 🙂

I wish you and yours the merriest Christmas and a very happy New Year!

With love,
Heidi (and family!)

110312 Family 004
photo by Leaves of Grass Photography

121212 wreath 002

I bought a little snowflake card holder this year, and it’s barely able to contain all the love!

121812 Christmas Decor 005

121812 Christmas Decor 006

121812 Christmas Decor 004

121812 Christmas Decor 003

121812 Christmas Decor 009

121812 Christmas Decor 014

121812 Christmas Decor 007

121812 Christmas Decor 013

121812 Christmas Decor 011

121812 Christmas Decor 010

121812 Christmas Decor 015

121812 Christmas Decor 008

121812 Christmas Decor 001

121812 Christmas Decor 017

122012 Peace Tea 001

Conversation Starters

I laugh when I hear decor items called “conversation starters.”  In some cases it might be true, but here’s a little snippet from an article in the July 2011 Better Homes and Gardens (one of my favorite magazines, btw) that had me snickering:

Stack bundles of logs, cut ends out, in the firebox during the off season.  For about $15, it will give your room a beautiful natural element and a guaranteed conversation starter.  ~Jenny Komenda

How exactly does that conversation start?  “Say, your firebox is stuffed to the brim with logs…”


Our coffee table has been bare (other than the occasional toy or this stack of IKEA coasters) for the better part of a month now.  Last year it had a giant basket full of yarn and a blanket I was crocheting.

In recent months it has held piles (and piles and piles) of books, some of our own and some from the library.  And toys.  And the coasters.  And other random things that got set there.

So I have been enjoying it bare, blank, stark.  It makes the whole room seem cleaner.

White Coffee Table 01

White Coffe Table 02

What’s on your coffee table?

Paper Heart Garland: A (Pictorial) Tutorial

I was browsing around Etsy the other day month, as I am known to do, and I happened across the most darling little garlands.  I added them to my tumblr account so I wouldn’t forget them, and this weekend I sat down and attempted to make one.  The best part?  They were FREE!  And I finished in about 40 minutes and hung them just in time for Valentine’s Day.

So here’s a quick tutorial for those of you who might like to try it at home.  The rest of you can ignore the text and just look at the pictures (especially the last one–end product!).

1.  Cut a bunch of strips of paper of equal width.  I cut 3 different sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper I had lying around into 1″ wide strips.

020411 paper heart garland 001

2. Cut equal increments off four of those pieces.  For instance, I took 8 12″ strips and left the first two, cut the next into 10 1/2″ strips, the next into 9″ strips and the next into 7 1/2″ strips.

020411 paper heart garland 002

3. Fold another 12″ strip in half.

020411 paper heart garland 003

4. Place the cut strips, facing in, longest inside to shortest outside, so that the two shortest pieces should be on the outside with their backs facing out (just me, or is this much harder to write than to photograph?).

5. Stick the folded-in-half piece in the middle, between the two longest strips, leaving about an inch or two of the fold sticking out the top. Also, excuse my bandaged finger in these pics…had a little incident with a razor.

020411 paper heart garland 004

6. Staple where the base of the strips meet the center piece.

020411 paper heart garland 005

7. Gather the varied-size strips, one at a time, and bring them down until they are flush with the bottom of the center piece.  It should end up looking like concentric hearts.

020411 paper heart garland 006

8. Staple that bottom part together.  Repeat steps 1-8 to make as many hearts as you’d like.

9. Cut some lengths of twine, as many as you have hearts (my twine pieces were 10″ long).

020411 paper heart garland 007

10.  Tie the twine through the top of the paper loops.

020411 paper heart garland 008

020411 paper heart garland 009

11.  Use these as ornaments or (as I did), tie these loops onto a longer length of twine and hang it.

020411 paper heart garland 010

Ta da!  Call yourself crafty.  🙂

If you make this, let me know! I’d love to see your garland!

Children’s Art Puzzle

Anja made a nice little drawing the other day.  “An octopus, a sign, a starfish and some fish,” as she described it.  (All those pink squiggles are the octopus’s eight legs.)  🙂

We took some Elmer’s glue and squeezed it all over the back, glued it to a piece of cardboard, and I cut it into puzzle shapes with an Exacto knife while she napped.  She was delighted with something so simple that featured her art.

012611 003

Looking for other ways to use and display your children’s art?

Here I made thank you cards out of some of her old paintings and drawings.

Here is a great article from The Pleasures of Homemaking that features a few ways (my favorite being the rotating gallery clipped to wires).

And Kate at Centsational Girl recently made a playroom art wall and art-making area for her daughter. LOVE. Kate could pretty much decorate my whole house. I heart everything she does.

What unique ways have you displayed your kids’ art?