Sometimes You Wanna Go…

You, my favorite internet peeps, may have noticed that Bad Poetry Mondays have disappeared.  And FS Fridays.  As much as I loved them, I think I am taking a different direction over the summer.  The excuses reasons?  I work Mondays, we travel a lot on Fridays during the summer, and as the weather has warmed (to an oh so beautiful 55 in Minnesota) I’ve found it harder to post as often as I used to.

In other random news, I was working out a bit later than usual tonight and caught a bit of the putrid filth that is The Bachelor.  I have never watched that show but have seen snippets here or there while at the gym.  Tonight happened to be the finale and the first part I’ve seen of this season.  Does anyone else find it repulsive to see a guy fawn over multiple women (and by fawn over I mean “make out passionately with”) up to the day before declaring his undying love for one of them?  ICK ICK ICK.  At any rate, of the two women I saw tonight, I thought he made the clearly better choice.  For what it’s worth, which is little.

The real point of this post is this.  I never watched the show “Cheers.”  I know some of the people who starred on it–Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Ted Danson, Kirstie Alley, etc.  But I know the chorus of the theme song, and it rings very true in my heart.  “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name…and they’re always glad you came.”  That place isn’t a bar for me.  It’s the gym.  And not everyone knows my name, but most of the staff do.  And the other patrons know my face.  You know how when you’ve seen someone’s face a bunch of times, even if you’ve never spoken to each other, you feel like you would help each other out?  Maybe I’m alone in this, but I feel that way.

Flat Stanley…Saturday? A Visit with Natalie!

I am so sorry that this post is a day late (in fact, I might even post it again next week because it’s so stinking cute).  Natalie even made a VIDEO!  So head over here to read about Flat Stan’s visit with her and her family.

Second, as you may have guessed, the reason this post is a day late is that we made it up north on Friday!  Can’t say it was pleasant driving, but at least we didn’t have to turn back again.  So I’m going to be vegging out here, letting my mom cook for me, wait on me hand and foot, and entertain my baby while I veg doing very productive things.  🙂

Flat Stanley Goes Ice Fishing

So Flat Stanley spent a weekend with Charlie up in the great Nort’. For those of you who have never seen a frozen lake, yes, you can actually walk on it, drive on it, and fish through it! Here’s his story:

Dan U. and I took Stanley ice-fishing with us out by Union Lake for good luck. We ended up getting 15 fish. 5 apiece! He behaved once we got him to stop playing with the ice auger. All it took was a dip in the ice-hole, hehehe.

Stanley Drilling

Flat Stanely Ice Fishing

Isn’t it nice how Stanley fit into that little pocket for them?  He didn’t even need a sleeping bag!  Thanks for showing him a good time, Chuck!

Flat Stanley Found!

An update came in this afternoon from Lori.  Apparently Flat Stanley got lost in a mountain of paperwork she’s been working through.

Check it out here!

I can rest easy now…

And for the rest of you who have had FS for a visit, please send updates of his time with you as well for this Friday’s edition.

Flat Stanley Friday at home

FS didn’t travel this week. He stayed with us. Here’s a photo.

Boring, I know (FYI, this is not my photo of the day). But look at the previous post about books and give me your opinions! And DOOOOO let me know if you’re interested in participating in Flat Stanley Fridays. You can read about the rules here.