Olympics Party

Back in Summer 2012, we had an Olympics Opening Games party with another family. It was so much fun! A lot of these activities would have to be modified for the 2014 Sochi Games (at least for those of us in states with snow on the ground), but we will probably do a Winter Games shindig, too. I can’t resist. I love the Olympics!

072712 Olympics Party 002

072712 Olympics Party 004

072712 Olympics Party 001

072712 Olympics Party 007

We had special foods,

072712 Olympics Party 053

072712 Olympics Party 006

072712 Olympics Party 049

072712 Olympics Party 051

games including bean bag toss, water balloon target practice, long jump, and relays,

072712 Olympics Party 014

072712 Olympics Party 033

072712 Olympics Party 040

072712 Olympics Party 025

072712 Olympics Party 028

a torch run,

072712 Olympics Party 011

072712 Olympics Party 012

and a tasty craft,

072712 Olympics Party 058

and even a medals ceremony.

072712 Olympics Party 046


I hope this gives you a little inspiration (and there is surely much more to be found on the internet!) to create your own Olympics-inspired fun for your family or friends!

30-day Shred Winner!

Sorry guys–I intended to post this yesterday, but our internet has been down since Wednesday.  However,  we weren’t supposed to get it back until Monday, so having it back today is a real blessing.  I can’t believe how much I rely on the web for until it’s gone for a couple of days.  I don’t have access to maps, phone #s, my accounts (for banking, etc.) or appointments (trying to find an allergist).  It’s nutso!

Anyway, on to the giveaway…I can hardly wait to announce who won this.  I’ve been consistent with doing it over the last week until yesterday because I was not feeling well.  But I plan to pick it back up tonight!


I entered numbers 1 through 27 into the Random Integer Generator, and here’s what came up:


Commenter #5 is Kelly @ Love Well, a fellow Minnesotan. Congratulations, Kelly! I’ll be expecting reports of abs of steel on your blog soon. 🙂


Remember back in the day when Snickers was marketed as a great post-workout re-fuel?  They’d show an athlete finishing a big game or race and then pulling a Snickers out of their gym bag?  So weird.  I don’t personally think the chunks of caramelized rubber they market as “energy bars” today are any better for me than a Snickers, but what ever happened to things like “water” and “apples”?

That’s all.  I just ate a Snickers (thanks, company who brought a goodie basket!) and that crossed my mind.

30 Day Shred Giveaway!

I had planned on saving this for my 500th post, but I have a feeling that will be a bit late in swimsuit season, so….this week, I’m giving away THIS:


I have had this workout DVD for about 2 months and have done it 6 or 7 times when I couldn’t make it to the gym. It comes with three 20-minute workouts, Levels 1 through 3 (they increase in difficulty). I started on level 1 and did Level 2 for the first time tonight. I expected Level 1 to be easily doable for me, since I work out regularly. However, it packed much more of a punch than I thought. I definitely got a good sweat out of it. They give you two women to follow, Anita for a more toned-down, low-impact approach, and Natalie if you’re looking for more challenge. I did Level 1 until I was able to keep up with Natalie the whole time. Again, I mistakenly thought Level 2 would seem easy. Nope. I sweat more tonight than I have in a loooooooong time, even doing some of the cardio at Anita’s level.  I highly recommend this video if you want to get in shape FAST without spending hours “phoning it in” (as Jillian says) at the gym every day.

Interestingly enough, two of the bloggers I read often are just commencing on their own 30-day Shred, so you can read their takes here and here. They’ve inspired me to commit to doing it on every day for the next month (except for the days I have all-day weddings or am working out at the gym).

If you’d like to win, just leave a comment! If you want additional entries, feel free to write a blog post linking to this post or Twitter about it, leaving an extra comment with the link to your post(s).  Contest will close next Thursday, May 7, at 5:00 p.m. CST.

And happy working out!  Swimsuit season should (hopefully) be just a month or so away here in Minnesota, and already upon some of you!

My Funny Valentine

Husband’s parents came to watch Anja yesterday.  Husband took the day off work to treat me to…………………a DATE!

Valentine Cookies

Our dates are few and far between, so when they are kind enough to come spend time with our daughter, we sure as heck get out of the house for a while!  And what a day–we started with a 3D movie at the Imax theater called Under the Sea.  It was narrated by Jim Carrey and had some cute humor worked in, but it was very preachy.  Seriously, why does EVERY MOVIE OR SHOW about nature have to have jabs about global warming in it?  We think, Yay, fun movie about fish! They think, How many small children can I indoctrinate? Ugh.  Conservation is one thing, but this constant barrage of unproven “facts” about global warming really gets my goat.  End rant.

After that we had an early lunch and brought home some for his family.  Then off we went to the Science Museum.  We viewed two new exhibits, Water and Goose Bumps, and saw Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk (which wasn’t as preachy simply because its message was portrayed as conservation from the get-go).  I’ve never had the privilege of visiting the Grand Canyon, but I think this film finally put into perspective the sheer size of it.  Jeepers, it’s big!

Following the museum, we had dinner at the MOA version of Olive Garden, Tucci Benucch.  Husband’s tortellini with prosciutto, mushrooms and peas was quite delicious, but I was left wanting something more with my sad little Marguerita pizza.  No tomatoes, just sauce.  He happily shared with me, though.  Isn’t he swell?  And he didn’t think my pizza was that bad (did not share my expectations).  Guess who will get to eat the leftovers tomorrow?  🙂

We stopped back by the house to change, and then we went and shot hoops at the gym.  What a sad pair we were, missing left and right (it has been several years since either of us have played).  But we had fun!  And I beat him at HORSE twice.  Heh heh.  Then we soaked in a giant hot tub.  The end.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?  Or not doing?

Cookie dough

Unfortunately, the frosted version of these were eaten before I remembered to photograph them. You know me and cookies!

Does Michael Phelps even need pick-up lines?

Last night in my dream I was in the Olympic Village. Except it was in the Twin Cities, not Beijing. And we stayed in little old 2-story houses that looked like they were built in the 1940s. I was getting up for something during the night and noticed Michael Phelps sitting at the kitchen table.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Can’t sleep?”

“Nope,” he said. He was on the eve of earning his 9th (yes, 9th) gold medal and he was nervous. And he was dressed in his swim gear (minus the goggles).

I offered to help him out, rubbing his muscles and stuff like a trainer would do (that sounds weird, but it was completely platonic). Then, since he still couldn’t sleep, we started out on a walking tour of Minneapolis (wearing normal clothes). We covered a LOT of ground. I remember going through a tunnel underground and narrowly escaping some sort of machine that was sweeping gravel in a circular pattern.

Then we ended up at some sort of club, where Michael started being REALLY fakey and using strange pick-up lines on women. I told him we needed to go back and get some sleep, and on the way back I asked him why he acted the way he did around those women. He didn’t have much of an answer, and then, all of a sudden we passed a baby and a pink bunny on the frozen road (yeah, it was winter, too…during the Summer Olympics), a dozen or so feet apart from each other. The baby said, “Maaaaaaaaaa…” weakly as we passed it, but it wasn’t until I passed the pink bunny that I realized the baby was Anja. I turned back toward her quickly and saw her attempting to turn around. I realized she must have been out for hours, and I saw her frost-bitten hands and face and almost started crying. In typical dream fashion, I couldn’t move or reach out to her. Then I woke up.

It was slightly disturbing.

So here’s my question for you…if you were Michael Phelps, what would YOUR pick-up line be?

Olympics 2008 – Favorite Events

As previously mentioned, I am very into the Olympics. At the top of my “must be viewed” events are these:

  • Swimming
  • Women’s gymnastics
  • Track & Field (not all, but some)
  • Beach volleyball

On the “I’ll definitely watch it if I happen to turn on the TV and it’s going on” list are:

  • Diving
  • Men’s gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Synchronized swimming
  • Rowing
  • Trampoline
  • Volleyball
  • Cycling
  • Basketball
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Sailing
  • Badminton (mostly for a laugh)
  • Soccer

And rounding out the “I will turn off the TV and spend my time doing something else” events are:

  • Archery (though I did rather get into Justin Huish in 2996)
  • Boxing
  • Equestrian
  • Judo
  • Shooting
  • Weightlifting
  • Wrestling (had to watch enough of that in high school)

Highlights of Summer 2008 have been:

  • Misty May-Treanor and Kerry Walsh – in the finals! I’m thinking they’ll take home a gold.
  • Michael Phelps breaking so many records (Duh. Though I have been annoyed with how they will ask other swimmers who also won, “How do you think it feels to be Michael Phelps?” Ugh.)
  • Jason Lezak’s AMAZING finish in the 4×100 relays
  • Nastia Liukin/Shawn Johnson going 1-2 in the women’s all-around gymnastics
  • Dana Torres competing as well as she does at age 41
  • Bela Karoly’s commentary on the gymnastics events–hoo, is he hilarious!

Gold Rush – The 2008 Summer Olympics

Some of you longtime readers may remember that I am an OLYMPICS FREAK.  I didn’t watch television for 7 years, and then bought an antenna specifically for the 2004 Summer Olympics.  These games are no different.  As soon as Anja and I arrived home last night (we were up north at some photo shoots and a little party for Anja), I plunked down in front of the TV and delegated most tasks to Husband.  He was kind enough to indulge me, but I doubt his kindness in that area will last the next 15 days.  🙂

Anyway, was that not the most amazing opening ceremony you’ve ever seen?  I was stunned.  Husband, who for whatever reason doesn’t get into sports of pretty much any kind, usually only watches the opening ceremony, and when I called him during a commercial break (I was up north, remember?) to let him know that if he wasn’t watching he’d better darn well WATCH, he was only able to catch the parade of nations (which is nice, but compared to the rest? BO-ring…).  They re-broadcast the ceremony later that night, though, and he stayed up until the wee hours to watch.  He agreed with me.  Amazing.

So…what sport(s) are you following?  Do you have a favorite athlete?

Later this week I’ll post some of my favorite sports and other reasons I watch am addicted to the Olympics.


Sidenote: Please be in prayer for the Bachman family, who live not far from us.  I can’t imagine the pain, and probably anger, their family is feeling right now.

But that doesn’t stop me from dancing, does it?

I have found for me that summer means short, fairly pointless (but sometimes not!) posts when I can squeeze them in.  Summer is FAR too short in Minnesota to not be enjoyed.  Today that enjoyment meant 5 1/2 hours on the golf course in the blazing hot sun (above 90 degrees!  In Minnesota!  I know!) with co-workers.  Apparently SPF 30 is not good enough for my post-pregnancy skin, because even after 3 applications, I am bright pink.  Bright, painful pink, that is.  But we took second place in the tournament (to our surprise, too).  Every time I go out golfing, which isn’t often these years (I hadn’t been in 3 years before today), I am reminded how much I love it.

Back in high school, my “summer job” was golfing.  Daddy had some sort of dream of me being on the LPGA Tour.  Not likely, dear father.  I think my best round ever was one over par.  That just doesn’t cut it.  But it was sweet of him to make me clubs all those years (I had my first set at age 3!).

Speaking of the LPGA tour, they’re playing the U.S. Open in Minnesota this week!  Fun times; lots of extra traffic.

Anyway, my point was, I used to golf about 18-36 holes a day and LOVED it.  My friend Jason and I would go out in the early morning and breeze through 18 holes in 2 hours since no one else was on the course yet.  Then we’d sit in the clubhouse for awhile and go out and play another 9 or 18.  Sometimes his little brother would come along.  Or some days he’d be busy or have gotten up too early for me, and I’d go with my other friends.  Jana had a cart that we used sometimes; that was always nice.

So today brought back good memories.


In other news of things I have forgotten that I like, here are some links.  🙂

Making Fiends

Mr. Nice

I could watch Mr. Nice all day.  Isn’t that sad?