Sunday Sunshine 04.24.11

Happy Easter!  May your joy in the risen Christ be full today!

Here are a few good things from this week:

Video by Robyn O’Brien (author of “The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It.”).  This is great basic info on food allergies and insensitivities.  (Mom, WATCH THIS.)

The Case for Once A Month CleaningSimple Homeschool

Now Is All We HaveKisses from Katie

Sunday Sunshine 03.13.11

One Way to Keep Your Art AliveChatting at the Sky (Love this.  And so often, as mothers, our children are the primary recipients of our art.  Keep gifting it!)

10 Points of Joyful ParentingOne Thousand Gifts (Ann Voskamp gifts readers of her book with this site and these downloads.  I think I’ll hang this one somewhere I’ll see it often!)

We Don’t Have to Do This Alone(in)courage

Sunday Sunshine 03.06.11

I’ve been adding to my gratitude journal almost daily.  It really is a great exercise.  I have also been using my camera as a visual gratitude journal, recording daily graces, sometimes easy to spot and other times insignificant-seeming.

030111 008

Thankful for the little hands that leave a heart necklace clanking on my bedroom doorknob for days.

Sunday Sunshine 01.23.11

I’ve been to San Diego a few times, and been to places like Richard Walker’s for pancakes (yum!), but why oh why did I never hear of this place (first place mentioned in the post)?  I want every single one of those cupcakes.  Aaaaaand…I now want to go on “dessert tours” with friends.  Any takers?  I really don’t mean to wreck New Year’s resolutions/goals here, but I can’t. help. myself.

Katie made some fabulous Valentines…my mind motor is whirring with ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Look at other people’s messes?  Yes, please!  As depressing as this might sound, it makes me feel so normal.


Sunday Sunshine 01.02.11

The Problem of PainLife in Grace (Edie & family lost their home to a fire just 3 days before Christmas..I’ve read her blog for a couple years, so it was almost like hearing it had happened to a good friend.)

Spinach SmoothieA Little Spinach (One of my goals this year is to incorporate more whole foods into our diets, from breakfast to supper, and this lovely Minnesota mother, who I met once at the gym via a mutual friend, has fab healthy recipes.)