Christmas Tour 2013

A couple of times I’ve participated in The Christmas Tour of Homes. In 2008, it was still under BooMama’s jurisdiction. In 2009, it was Nester’s first year hosting the Tour, and I linked up again. Apparently since then I haven’t gotten my tour up in time (may have coincided with the birth of our second child and , so I’m linking to the years I missed as well as putting up a few photos from this year.


Like most people, I have my old-timey favorite items that I put up every year, but I try to mix it up so things don’t look the same every year.

Mom gave me the little sled this year. So cute!
Christmas Tour 2013 003

Jesse Tree!
Christmas Tour 2013 005

Casual centerpiece with some snowflakes we’d been cutting out that day.
Christmas Tour 2013 006

Balustrade by day.
Christmas Tour 2013 007

Balustrade by night.
Christmas Tour 2013 002

The tree.
Christmas Tour 2013 001

Cute little raccoon Markus gave Anja for Christmas this year
Christmas Tour 2013 008

Christmas Tour 2013 009

Christmas Tour 2013 010

Christmas Tour 2013 011

Christmas Tour 2013 012

And then she wanted one with the nativity scene, too. And her doll.
Christmas Tour 2013 013

The kids who live here.
Christmas Tour 2013 014

And the mantel downstairs.
Christmas Tour 2013 015

Love the God Jul sign made by my friend, the owner of Sola Hus, in Moorhead, MN!
Christmas Tour 2013 016

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anja and I worked on these little place cards (thanks for the inspiration, Kate!) for our Thanksgiving this year. I love the month leading up to Thanksgiving–it’s such a good thing to count our blessings together and then celebrate with family. Hope you are enjoying your day and thanking God as well!

Minnesota Family Photographer 004

Last Weeks in Pictures

Haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately, so thought I’d just do a quick recap/share.

Sick girl snacks
022111 001

No bathing privacy in this house! He’s recently figured out how to open the toilets, too (joy…), so we leave the bathroom doors closed at all times.
022111 003

Sweetest. Thing. Ever. Husband may or may not kill me for posting this. (To be fair, he just used the stuff that was lying around from Anja’s Valentine-making…he’s not normally a puffy paint kinda guy.)
022111 004

022111 005

An up-do for the dance.
022111 010

A different kind of dance.
022111 006

022111 007

A tradition. And the second one is blurry, but I like it anyway. The Valentine “Angel” was a special request from Anja. I aim to please! 😉
022111 008

022111 009

A sucker from a classmate.
022111 011

A makeup-less self-portrait. I don’t often post photos of myself, so why this one? I do not know.
022111 024

And some cookies I made are here.

Simple Woman’s Daybook 02.08.11

I found this idea via Esther, and I just love it.  So I think I’ll play along today!

Outside my window…crusty snow and icicles lie in wait. Highs are in the single digits until the weekend.
I am thinking…about how I need to be working.  🙂
I am thankful for…healthy kids.  After a bout of the ick this weekend for Anja, I am glad that a bad day or two is all I have to deal with at this point.
From the kitchen…potato-leek pizza, salad, and Valentine cut-out cookies.
I am wearing…sweat pants and a long-sleeve tee from concert band tour in college.  Fancy.
I am creating…a felt valentine garland (that I started last year…sigh…).
I am going…to pick Anja up from preschool later.
I am reading…Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
I am hoping…for a great first “back in the saddle” photo shoot this weekend of a friend’s little girl.
I am hearing…a small voice whispering (my daughter, not God).  🙂
Around the house…I have a new paper heart garland and a big stack of boxes for the move.
One of my favorite things…is feeling valued.
A few plans for the rest of the week: MOPS, Small Group, and helping Anja paint nails and do hair for a daddy-daughter dance this weekend!  I am so excited for them!
Here is picture for thought I am sharing…an oldie but goodie of my girl, taken over 2 years ago!

Open 010709

Join the fun or read more entries here.

Facebook – Making Life Easier?

It’s funny, because three years ago I told myself (and others) that I had no interest in joining Facebook, would never join Facebook.

And here I am, creating a page for my blog, just to make it more convenient for readers.  See, I know a lot of people spend time at work or time the kids are napping catching up with friends, and it is just a more convenient place to get blog updates.  So, if you’re so inclined, stop on by and (by clicking here or by clicking on the banner over to the right) “Like” my page.  I hope to have other conversations going on over there, too, and I’d love your input.  See you there!

Sunday Sunshine 01.23.11

I’ve been to San Diego a few times, and been to places like Richard Walker’s for pancakes (yum!), but why oh why did I never hear of this place (first place mentioned in the post)?  I want every single one of those cupcakes.  Aaaaaand…I now want to go on “dessert tours” with friends.  Any takers?  I really don’t mean to wreck New Year’s resolutions/goals here, but I can’t. help. myself.

Katie made some fabulous Valentines…my mind motor is whirring with ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Look at other people’s messes?  Yes, please!  As depressing as this might sound, it makes me feel so normal.


Good Thing Someone Keeps Track of These Things

As I was informed by Gretchen, today is National Delurking Day.  Meaning, if you read a blog but have never left a comment, “delurk” and say hello!  I’d love to hear from you!

And have a happy weekend.  We’ll be doing lots of celebrating around here.  My boy’s 1st birthday party!  Oh, and someone else is turning 31.  But we don’t need to talk about that.  😉

Sunday Sunshine 01.02.11

The Problem of PainLife in Grace (Edie & family lost their home to a fire just 3 days before Christmas..I’ve read her blog for a couple years, so it was almost like hearing it had happened to a good friend.)

Spinach SmoothieA Little Spinach (One of my goals this year is to incorporate more whole foods into our diets, from breakfast to supper, and this lovely Minnesota mother, who I met once at the gym via a mutual friend, has fab healthy recipes.)

Fab Christmas Decorating

Since Husband is having me pare back (understatement) my own Christmas decorating this year, I thought I’d do up some links to the best of the best around the Interwebs.  So grab a cup of cocoa or tea, and click away (pics link to the full post)!

First up, we have Centsational Girl.  I LOVE her entry and her mantel.  And knowing her, she did it all on a tiny budget, too.

Love these cute but economical tin can candle holders.

I. Heart. Farmhouses.  And though this house isn’t an actual farm, all the farmhouse touches make me drool.

And the Scandinavian in me loves this house.  That little cookie cutter family?  Adorbs!

This cottage is decked out.

How cute are all the little trees in this house?  When Anja gets old enough, maybe I’ll let her decorate her own tree in her room.

The white and silver simplicity of this home is very sophisticated.

Birch! I might have to try this next year in the new house!

What great Christmas decorations have caught your eye this year? Anything new you’ve put up at your place?