Poo Party

Sherman didn’t know which was more humiliating, Cinderella approaching while he was wearing his over-sized pink rabbit hat or being forced to stand at attention with that smell wafting from under the bathroom door.

010414 Sherman 002

Sherman’s Birthday – 2012

This is our 3rd year celebrating for this little doggie. He sure is spoiled!

Before the guests arrived woke up from nap.
072312 Sherman b-day 001

072312 Sherman b-day 002

Some bleary-eyed guests.
072312 Sherman b-day 003

072312 Sherman b-day 004

072312 Sherman b-day 005

072312 Sherman b-day 006

Blowing out his candle:
072312 Sherman b-day 007

Ate all his treats!
072312 Sherman b-day 008

072312 Sherman b-day 009

Sherman’s Birthday Party

I don’t think I ever posted Sherman’s party last year (sad!), so I think this year’s party deserves a post of its own. I kept it simple–some paper lanterns, jacks we had lying around, candy from Valentine’s Day and Easter, a pan of GF brownies, and a few odd gifts. But Anja was tickled, as was Sherman, of course. 🙂

072411 001

072411 002

072411 003

072411 004

072411 006

072411 005

072411 007

072411 008

Singing to Sherman, who was clearly embarrassed.
072411 009

A disheveled guest.
072411 010

Sherman scarfing down some candy.
072411 011

072411 012

Sherman with gifts–a sleeping bag and some bubble wrap from Mama, and a watering can from Markus.
072411 013

June 2011 Highlights Reel

Instead of completely ignoring our summer like last year, I decided to put up a few photos of each month for posterity. 🙂

Sherman Deux had a pool party with his friends. They learned Dead Man’s Float, apparently. And some of them just watched.
062011 001

060311 017

060311 018

Preschool celebrated summer birthdays (probably a photo from May, actually).
060311 019

Markus walked with his hands behind his back all the time for a couple of months. It was pretty funny.
060311 020

Made sushi for the first time (though they were vegetarian, so whatever that makes them) in honor of my sis-in-law’s visit (excuse the moving boxes in the background!). Yummy! She was home for a short leave from teaching overseas, and it was great to have her here!
062011 003

062011 004

062011 005

062011 006

062011 007

Moved! Though I don’t have any updated photos of the house to show, we continue to work on it every week. I’m hoping for some before-and-afters before Christmas! I took a couple shots of the kids sleeping their last night in the old house (sniff).
062011 008

Anja somehow wove the monitor base into her bed, and told me in the morning they’d had a “campfire.”
062011 009