My 100 Things

1. I love cookies. This is not a secret. You can mail me cookies. I will eat them. And I will like you.

2. My middle name is in honor of my aunt Marvel.

3. I do things that would embarrass anyone (myself included) and my husband just laughs. He’s never embarrassed.

4. One of my favorite shows is “What Not to Wear,” yet you’ll definitely catch me at the grocery store late at night in sweats and snow boots.

5. Because my mom watched soap operas when I was a kid, I thought “Days of Our Lives” might resemble real life.

6. I think George Clooney is darn good looking, despite his age. What freaks me out is that he slightly resembles my father. Not that Dad was ugly. It’s just….weird.

7. My old babysitter let her boyfriend come over and smoke cigarettes on our back patio. I thought he was way grosser than he was cool. To this day a cigarette has never touched my lips.

8. I won’t nurse my baby in front of anyone but my husband and my mom.

9. As a child my favorite author was Roald Dahl.

10. I like trying new foods as long as they aren’t dangerous (like the raw liver and raw chicken Charlie ate in Japan. I would not have eaten it.).

11. I used to go through a roll of film every week or two in high school. My wonderful parents usually paid for the processing.

12. Others tell me I blush, but I won’t own up to it.

13. I love the thought of being a do-it-yourselfer, but I’m too much of a start-and-not-finisher to ever make it a reality.

14. I know how to gleak.

15. My favorite color is k.a. blue, followed closely by green.

16. I like to wear chocolate brown. I don’t even know if it looks good on me.

17. This shows in my decorating—I gravitate toward earthy colors.

18. I was almost named Amy, but both of my grandmothers vetoed it. It’s probably for the best, since Heidi is far less common among people my age.

19. I used to hate my name, but now I like it. I think Heidi Klum adds to the appeal. Though I find it odd that her husband goes solely by the name of a marine mammal.

20. What I really wanted was to be named Jessica. That name just embodied coolness to me.

21. I got my first CD player when I was 14. The first CD I bought was Tony Bennett’s “Steppin’ Out.” I still like it.

22. My first “real” Bible was a Precious Moments’ KJV.

23. My next door neighbor cut my hair until I was 23.

24. Except the one time when I cut it myself. I was 7ish. A big hunk out of my bangs. Mom was incredibly excited.

25. I am an entrepreneur.

26. When I pass one of those bins of rubber balls at Target or Wal-Mart, I almost always take one out and play with it.

27. I can make really, really ugly faces. Because I practice.

28. I was once addicted to Nick at Nite.

29. Since Anja was born, I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast almost every day (originally in an attempt to rid my diet of milk, now because I like it and milk isn’t that good for me). My cholesterol has dropped over 20 points since. Coincidence? I think not.

30. My good cholesterol is off the charts. This is not because I add tons of omega-3 oils to my diet. It is because I exercise.

31. If I had to choose one variety of apple to eat the rest of my life, it would be Sonya. (Minnesota has great apples, by the way.)

32. The first meal I made for my husband was disgusting.

33. Whenever I sing to my daughter and don’t have a song list ready in my head, the first song that pops up is the Oscar Mayer wiener song.

34. I have a degree in architecture.

35. My parents were born in the same hospital two days apart. They were high school sweethearts.

36. I subscribed to ‘Teen magazine in high school. What filth. Even then. I’m sure it’s triple-filth now. If it’s still around.

37. I still sleep with a blankie. Its name is Blankie. How original.

38. Husband maintains that our children will NOT sleep with a blankie until they are my age.

39. We’ll see.

40. I am seriously sensitive to caffeine. Green tea makes me wonky. So does decaf coffee.

41. The only people from my high school that I regularly keep in touch with are boys. I didn’t have any really close girl friends until college.

42. I worked in youth ministry for three summers. Two of those were hard to call ministry, sadly.

43. I often plan escape routes in my mind. For instance, when I’m walking or driving across a bridge, I mentally plan how I would get to the edge of the river were the bridge to collapse.  Now that I’m a mom I have to include my plan to free the children and get them to safety, too.  It’s become much more complex…

44. I don’t like bridges. Especially ones I can see through.

45. I can easily identify the smell of a sugar beet plant.

46. I am a night owl and a morning person, but if I had to choose…I’d stay up late and sleep in almost every day.

47. I have a collection of odd/ugly earrings.

48. I would rather stub my toe than bite my tongue.

49. Mr. Dress-up was way better than Mr. Rogers, in my opinion. But no one knows who Mr. Dress-up is…

50. When I was young my family (of 4) would go through 5 gallons of milk a week. People would ask my mom how many kids she had when she went through the grocery line. “Two,” she would reply, and they would raise their eyebrows and continue checking her out.

51. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  But I’m getting closer.

52. I once stole a friend’s car for a couple of hours. He was kind of mad.

53. When I’m really tired, I’ve been told it’s like I’m drunk. Never been drunk, so I don’t know for sure.

54. I have some irrational fears.

55. Such as quicksand.

56. And flying. But is that really an irrational fear? I think flying is kind of irrational…God didn’t give humans wings, you know?

57. And finding bone in my ground beef.

58. That happened to me at McDonald’s in high school once, and I didn’t eat beef for probably 2 years.

59. I didn’t try most fruits or vegetables until I got to college. My family consists of incredibly picky eaters, and so we just never had them around.

60. I discovered the world of melons in Brazil. Oh, cantaloupe, how I wish we could elope!

61. Around the age of 21, I morphed from an extreme extrovert to more of an introvert. I still enjoy people, but I am just not terribly open about approaching others, starting conversations, being the center of attention. I am still not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

62. I like the Beach Boys.

63. We only have one set of silverware. It’s what others would probably call “the good silverware.” We use it every day, and have for almost 5 years. It’s still good.

64. I have no desire to own more sets of silverware.

65. I love to bake.

66. I love to eat things that I’ve baked.

67. I didn’t learn to cook until I was 22. Just never had any interest.

68. Now I love to cook.

69. I didn’t know what the connotation behind this number meant until this year.

70. I am incredibly naïve. When people make dirty jokes, I usually don’t get it. And that’s okay with me.

71. I gave birth with no painkillers.  Twice.

72. A doctor stitched me up afterward for an hour and 45 minutes.

73. I am considering drugs next time around…if there is one.

74. My biggest pet peeve is when people are late. I despise being late myself. Husband does not. This is hard.  We are now late to most things unless I am going alone.

75. My eye is drawn to well-designed things in certain shapes and colors.

76. I live certain aspects of my life in an artful manner.

77. For instance, when I hang up Husband’s shirts after laundering, if a shirt has a red stripe in it, I might hang it on a red hanger. Or he has this purple and white and taupe and brown plaid shirt that I always hang on a mousey brown hanger.

78. I’m weird; I realize this.

79. I rarely iron. It is a waste of my life. Wrinkles add character, right?

80. The only brand of diapers I put on my daughter was Pampers.  But I’ve used Seventh Generation on my son, and they are quite superior at stopping the blow-outs (ruching, I love you!).

81. I took old lady water aerobics at my gym when I was pregnant.

82. I was in marching band for 10 years.

83. I am mostly Swedish by descent.

84. I like to wear hats.

85. I used to go dumpster diving in college. Found some good cardboard and some good furniture!

86. Husband says I have a very good sense of direction.

87. I am very organized with my time, but not with my things.

88. Husband and I see an average of one movie in a theater together every two years.  We would rather spend the money on a quality dinner.

89. This is really hard to do. I don’t know if I can think of 11 more.

90. My first pet was a guppy named Fluffy. I wanted it to be a cat; hence the name.

91. I do not fold my TP or put it around my hand. I scrunch/wad.

92. My least favorite chore is washing the car. Our cars are dirty most of the time.

93. I still own the piano I on which I learned to play. It used to be my mom’s and my grandmother’s before that.

94. I crochet.

95. I do not knit.

96. I did knit when I was about 12 but stopped because one needle was easier.

97. I don’t dye my hair. Too expensive.

98. I bit my nails until I was 20.

99. My overuse and misuse of parentheses bothers me greatly, but I can’t seem to stop (it’s like a disease).

100. My hope rests in Christ alone.

20 thoughts on “My 100 Things

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  2. Amy is my fake name – like when calling in to the local talk radio program.

    I get called Jessica A LOT. Perhaps because Jessica and Erica have the same ending. People tell me I look like a Jessica.

    I hated my name growing up. And, truthfully, I still don’t like it.

    My husband still sleeps with his blankie. It too, is called “Blankie.

    I could concur on most of you points, but this 100th post isn’t about me… 🙂

  3. Mr Dress-up is Canadian. I agree; he’s better.

    If you don’t like your name, you should change it. I did when I was 36 and I’m SO glad I did. It was life altering.

  4. Ok so my name is Heidi too and I also once hated it. Now I love it because I am the only one — well, I was until I found you. 😉

    Your post makes me want to get rid of my daughter’s “onesie” and my son’s “lovie”.

    I enjoyed your 100 things.

    Heidi Reed

    PS: We also have the same taste b/c our blog “themes” are the exact same. This is so scary to me. Oh and my fav color is blue and I also HATE bridges. Eerie how much we have in common. Seriously. And the hanger thing matching the clothes and too many parenthases (I agree but I cannot stop).

  5. I really enjoyed your list. BTW #20, It’s not all its cracked up to be. I do not mind bridges myself (my husband hates them) but I cant walk over the bridge things in the mall that get you from one side to the other on the 2nd floor. I have to walk all the way around. Especially if its made of glass. *shivers*

  6. I enjoyed visiting your site and reading your 100 things. I concur with many things on your list especially 4, 13, 16, 34 and 51. Most especially with 100.

  7. Fun list! I can relate on a lot of them. Love chocolate brown. Hanger thing I tend to do if I hang things up. I don’t iron either, and since we have such of a huge clan to launder after (6 kids, 2 adults) I’ve veered away from even hanging things up if I don’t have to. We got a washer/dryer set a few years ago that both have a dewrinkling 20 minute cycle. Love em! I also have a huge parathesis-overusage issue! I also cannot quit using them, they just do something for me!

  8. You are so fun! Definitely don’t seem like an introvert. This was a fun list to read…I don’t know honestly if I could have come up with 100. But reading yours it was like…Oh yeah!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I forgot to ask…do you have a photography site? It looks like you definitely have an eye for it. If you do, please share! I love photos as well and started publishing from home & creating home decor items with photos. Way to much creative fun – tied in with good family values!!!! (0: Can’t beat that! I’m at Need a wordpress account apparently! Sigh…One more thing to do…(0:

    Blessings to you and yours!

  10. Hi Heidi,

    You’re a ‘smart cookie’! Your list of 100 was fun to read and now I’m inspired to make one for myself. I’ll probably write it up in my journal so as not to appear too eccentric on public blog. In Vancouver, B.C. we are a little more reserved and tend to refer to ‘weird others’ as eccentrics.

    A couple of ‘musts’ on my list would be:
    I paint my interiors white, because white is considered to be, the most psychologically balancing color in an environment.
    I don’t cook – I reheat!

    If you have a chance to visit my blog, please view, “Frogs, Ribbons, and Laces – A Christmas Twist”.

    BTW I love your Aunt’s name. It almost makes me feel like changing mine! I’m serious.

    Happy Holidays,
    Nicole Rigets

  11. Heihei! Greetings from Germany! Congratulations that you made it to the front page of wordpress. Did you acutally know that your name “Heidi” comes from Germany?! There’s also a very famous children’s book called “Heidi”. Nowadays the name is no longer very common as many girls are named Zoe or Emily (which are of American/English origin). Btw. I really like your blog and think I’ll begin to read it regularly!


  12. I love ‘100 thing’ pages. I just had to redo mine – it was four years out of date. This one is excellent (especially 90 and 100).

    And I use lots of parentheses as well. Maybe we should start PA – Parentheses Anonymous.

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