As if the pickles weren’t enough to try this week, I also made PW’s brisket (3-pounder took almost as long as her 8-pounder took, fyi) and Joy the Baker’s cake.  Father’s Day, you know?

Both were delicious, but I didn’t take photos of the brisket, so you just get to see the cake.  Funny thing about the cake–neither Husband nor I were overwhelmed with excitement about our first piece.  But over the next day, something in the frosting “settled,” and it tasted less sour and more creamy amazing.  I encourage you to try it!

Also, my glaze didn’t dribble nicely down the sides of the cake like hers.  It sat on top like a giant, fat slug, so I took it upon myself to spread it all over the cake.

Cake 1

Cake 2


4 thoughts on “Cake-Eater

  1. Don’t you hate it when that happens with the glaze? Why is it that I can never get my glaze to look all cool like “they” do. Mine always looks like a giant slug on top and I have to frost it. Am I glaze-inept???

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