I Can Can!

I’ve long been afraid of the world of canning. But after I saw Darby’s recent pickle job, I decided I could do that. So I did.

I followed the recipe (without her edits), but made the following changes:

used regular cucumbers
used black peppercorns and 1 tsp. dried mustard powder
1/4 c. more ea. water and vinegar
Reduced sugar to 2/3 c. (I like ’em more dilly than sweet)
Added a clove of sliced garlic to each jar–yum!

Before adding liquid:
Pickles 1

“Pickling” in the fridge:
Pickles 2

Super-easy, and even yielded some pickled onions for Husband to use on his sandwiches. Next time, I’m going to up the water content and reduce the vinegar content a little, and maybe only use 1/4 to 1/3 c. sugar. They were a little zingy, even for Husband, and that boy likes his zing!

4 thoughts on “I Can Can!

  1. I really like making pickles. I have failed more than I’ve succeeded though. However, if you or your husband likes sweet pickles at all, you should try Alton Brown’s bread and butter pickles. My husband, father, and several daughters are absolutely crazy about them. They are incredibly easy to make and especially when Vidalia onion season is around I like to put onions in there. Oh and I don’t measure the spices, I just guess. But I’m like that in almost all my cookies.


    Hmm…the FoodNetwork site is down, so I’ll post the link to the pickle recipe a little bit later.

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